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December 31, 2010

Let's make it different in 2011.

This is to 2011...

In 2010 I made mistakes.Met lots of bitches&assholes. & I did things i shouldn't have.I was too busy looking at the past. What happens.. happens, that's all i can say. 2011 will be my year. i'm no longer even thinking about my regrets. shits gonna happen when i don't want it to, but there's a reason behind it all. someday it will all make perfect sense. or maybe it wont. not my problem. I'm not gonna sit around waiting for him to text me I'll tell him how i feel even if things get a little awkward. I'll turn all the insults into compliments. Whatever it takes to make me happy,I'll do it. cause 2010 was one of the years i just sat around and felt sorry for myself. well not this year bitches! I'll stop smoking , YES just for him and whatever he said that hurt me deep enough I pretend to take it as compliment but in my heart is like a knife leaving a scars. I'll try to control all my feelings as he asked for. No one knows my feelings in deep down.

Here's to 2011!

December 28, 2010

My wonderful X'mas eve 2010' ♥

Let's rewind back to 241210.

Early in the morning get ready to leave the house and start ready all stuff to Sepang GoldCoast. Four of us Me Yoanne , Jacqueen , Blood.We in and out from place to place. Rofl. We look kinda busy , noope is superb busy ! Finally we're done . Yeah :D We bought something like this !

Haha. We're epic childish x: DANG ! and also can't without these ... ...


Then we lami again. Awww. Superb unlucky man... I lose RM17 to Babe Yoanne. Cause I beh tahan and played blackjack with her. Eeeks !

 Then we have our power nap to charged full bateri before heading to beach ! Sleep till 10pm and everyone came. I helped all boys there make up ! Just slightly help 'em put on eyeliner. Rofl some of 'em look like Korean artist. WOW. :D

My baby boy reached Jusco with his friend and we rushed there and have dinner before going there. 17 of us ! Quite a large amount . LOL.

 Reached there at 2.00a.m  everyone start to get excited ! Holding my baby boy's hand and walk along the beach Then he carry me because I hate stepping those wet and poky sand ><"

Hubby suddenly ask me ;

Hubby : What you want for Christmas present ?
Me : Hmm.. It's ok , already past if you buy it next time 
 * He saw me with a face of disappointment but I didn't >< actually all I want for Christmas is just HIM but there he go again with his surprises !  

Then he suddenly take out a pack of thing and hand it to me. Rofl ! ><" I felt like crying at that moment but he said " don't " then I tried to control. Joey came and see what's happening and I hug her and cry. Everyone there were like wth? and start to make a round around me . LOL ! Thanks for caring all siao[s] I'm just crying because his cute lil' x'mas card made surprise and also his pressie

I love love love him !

We're waiting for sunset and I felt sleepy x: Awwws. Lying on hubby's leg We're taking turn LOL !

From dark to bright !
两个人一起散步 是最浪漫的事 
I love those moment !
Watching sunset together with my hubby ♥ 

 Titanic Me with babeh Yoanne

The siao[s]

 ♥ ILY forever baby !


We head back to Cheras at 9.00a.m Hyperb tired. awww !  Some of them still rock at the beach. LOL . Dead sleep of course ! Then dinner with hubby's family Steamboat again ! Rofl. Superb full even my stomach can burst ! Zhong hua and baka came and find us so 4 of us head to Leisure Mall.

Movie of the day ♥ 
 大笑江湖 Just call me Nobody .

 I love this kid very much from 下一站,幸福 Superb cute ! DAMN . One dollar ; 完蛋了 ! Laugh till stomached . Rofl.

Then lim teh with hubby and his friend at Samy's Corner. -.-" Sianz ! They all MildSeven kaki . Ish"
Taadaa. picture with baby boy time ♥


Breakfast with baby I wanna eat 蜜瓜西米露 but not selling there anymore T_T sad.. Baby bought me a Dunhill mentol instead.

Night went to Nga nga san and dinner @ Gasoline. Beautiful night scene there but gotta climb up long stairs to head up there =.=" Freaking tired . Then we went snooker ; Me , my hubby , zhong hua , kit , baka.


Love promises.  ♥


 Baby helped me cut my fringe . 

 Stupid baby scared me with this fringe. I look like 12 years old man ! WTF" I were like to cry then he tell me haven't finish yet ><" Then dinner with baby and then walk around at Leisure mall while waiting for my friends to come and rush to babe Tiings bdae party !

Superb miss my hubby boy ! Awwww * My 4 days 3 night with him. 
Wonderful x'mas eve 

 Baby gotta stop smoking next year means right after countdown at 31th of December 2010. He forced me to stop smoking together too. Alright !  We work for it together .

  Micol Mi miss Kikyo Tung .
想念着 每天每秒我们故事 每天每秒说好的事
*can you hear me ?*

To you my baby boy !

You chased darkness out of view
I've got so much more to give
I could understand the reason 'why' you want me to stop smoking.
This love can't die, I've learn to live
I swear I knew.
I'm gonna love you forever

I've found my happiness . < 讓我你愛到老 >

就让我在说一次 I love you 
Baby boy " You're mine forever ! "

December 24, 2010

Is you ♥

for you,
i'd do anything         <3
Except kill myself, jump off a bridge, jump into a pool of sharks.. yeah you get the picture.

All i want for Christmas...
Is You , my baby


Chillin' with the boyfriend :]
kikyo tung ya teng 

Tomorrow gotta go see sunset with my baby !

December 23, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice ♥冬至快乐

I would like to wish all of you here Happy Winter Solstice :) ! Tong Yuen FTW .

Wake up early in the morning to prepare my lovely Tong yuen. Teehee. Picture below.

 I Him 

This 1 special do for my Mr.Piggy 
ROFL. so fucking ugly *i know ><"

Taadaaa. Rainbow color ! I did it all by myself :D Wanna try ?

tang yuan

December 18, 2010

Bucks it out !

In love with Starbucks chocolate cream chip ! DELICIOUS FAT CREAM

Siao' gang went up to Genting and it's freaking cold up there. We didn't ready to go to genting actually :| Hmm.. So everyone there short pants and the wind blow freaking strong. WOW.

 Left to right.
Joey , Me.

You guys gotta try it . It's so freaking syok ! Damnit. WOW !

Reached there at last. weeew. So cold ><

Freaking enjoy Starbucks + Cold wind + Cigarettes


Alcohol Maniac !

LOL. Quite a number of 'em were in bad mood and they all were so in alcohol mode -.-" Damn ! Well , this is when we were deciding to have an ending with a 'girl/bitch' . She cause us most of the problem and I felt like whacking her till she don't even recognize her mama's name ! ps. I'm too pissed when in that topic :x Seng Kit called me to go out because his 'princess' is freaking sad so that day I'm babysitting her :| Blood said wanna go to meet his bro at The Curve @ Laundry Bar.

So there were five of us.
Yoanne, Tiings , Evon , Blood

This flaming quite nice but made me quite drunk :| awww* I were so dead on that night. 70% drunk but only me didn't vomit . and I still babysitting 2 of them tiings ; evon . -.-" Consider I'm the most stable that night ! Rofl.

Another day for alcohol at The Curve @ TAO
Six of us.
Yoanne , tiings , blood , xiiao bai , alex
Drinking for fun and not even drunk :x

Alex taught me to make this tissue rose Although I can't make as nice as he made but at lease I got the idea :) DING !

W/o make up ! My eyes bag T_T damn !!

Small matter xD

And then again at Kepong @ Blaze Bar
Wake Yoanne up and then we all make up in her house.
There were 8 of us.
Tiings , Yoanne , Evon , Blood , Xiao Bai , Alex , Lala , and one more dude
 Not very a good night because Evon lost her phone and we were busy finding it :| and also many things happened. All of us mood swing . Hmms.

drunker .

December 17, 2010

Siao' GANG !

Recently always hang out at Joey's house for lami and mahjong. We can play whole night and our current record is till 10 in the morning. WOW right ? hahaa. Our Siao' gang damn crazy ! Rofl. They taught me to play mahjong and I'm kinda get the idea of it but I still don't know the rules of it :|

 I'm out of MB kaki which is Marlboro Black fans. I felt dizzy every moment I took that. The taste gone bad and I changed to Dunhill Mentol. So now our gangs all to dunhill mentol. LOL !

Da siao us ! xD

They called me "untie" because I always put my hair up. Joined to my hubby's hairband gang :| Urghh* ><"

This were my "tou dai zai" . Because I taught him how to play lami. xD rawrr* hahaa. He's our legendary 'handsome blood' *blehh.

We slowly get bored playing like that so ... ... we decided to gamble x: hahaa ! So all of us gone serious with it cause we're playing $$ !

This stupid dog were to jump to me :|  I were screaming in my heart "NOOOOOO" ! I still not into 'animals' actually. Luckily joey's adopted a dog pet and not cat. If not I'll sure won't go in her house. I hate cats ! Ewww*

 Actually I don't really scare of her dogs already. No choice. We went to her house about 1 week like that. Everyday lami and mahjong. WOW. Then I slowly in love with her dog. -.-" So......

 I can even hug it.. Quite in love with it

Do you wanna join in our Siao' gang ? You must be siao enough xD ! HAHA

December 16, 2010

Shopping Maniac !


With Joey , Joey's mama n' blood. That siao Joey so damn freaking slow ! The whole world is waiting for her :| grrr* hmm... I'm so freaking obsessed with Forever21 Hairband but I bought one and regretted so damn much for not making a good survey first :( *sad* Same price but for sure that's nicer . If I had extra I'll come back to you ! Wait for me ; lil' hairbandie Well well well , I'm lil' obsessed with TopShop leggings too ! Awww . Fucking nice but price also quite nice . hmmm :(

Picha time ! Taadaa .

 I love my shirt ! Teehee ^^v

am a leopard lover ! RAWR

 Leopard nails as well x:

With that siao Joey '


Sunway Lagoon  
After wake up get ready ! About 7pm reach there. With Joanne , Joey , Blood n Xiao bai. Teehee* The siao' gang again. hmmm.. I saw pretty leggings too but too bad I didn't buy it at last :| Freaking regret now because my leggings were spoil ! Damnit ! Accidentally burn it with cigarettes while I were searching for something in my bag. Anyways , I bought two pretty tops ! I'll come back for you legging to take over my spoiled legging place x: