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September 29, 2010

Don't give up !

Friday night I rush my project till 4am !
Gosh. It's very difficult night actually ; my eyes feel like closing all the times.
There are freaking many friends of mine call me to STOP.
I just instead to finish it . LOL.
They said I'm such a stubborn girl x:
Headache *

At last , I've done my accounts project ! I didn't expect to pass it up before deadline actually , but I did ! rofl ; I felt a dozen of stress just flew away . wow :D

When the world says " GIVE UP "
Hope whispers " Try one more time "

Don't give up

September 27, 2010

Love yourself.

We cannot love or be loved correctly until we love our self correctly.
Root for yourself. Love yourself.
If you want to love or be loved , the starting point of love begins with you  .

I don't hate you anymore for all those hurt and tears that you gave me.
I actually letting go of it. I've forgotten it . I hope you do. (:
Don't blame yourself. I hope you can changed after this incident .

We may not contact each other anymore.
I don't know why you just so stubborn.  
Well , just don't do anything stupid.
Love yourself. 


Y : I love the way you lie ♥ IMY babe (:
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Thanks for all you guys feed back ! -appreciated- and thanks for visiting too (: 

September 25, 2010

Cherish the moment ♥

Here's to the future because I'm done with the past !

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go , Things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they're right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together

Laugh your heart out and dance in the rain.
Ignore the pain ; Live , Laugh , Love
Forgive and forget because life's too short to be living with regrets.
Cherish the moment when I'm with you
 Hunney , I love you so.

September 24, 2010

Refresh !

Finally I changed something to my BLOGGEH ♥
A refreshing new look and new song.



Have fun reading !


I'm back ! rawr. Sorry for keep you guys waiting , especially you uhh x:
School holiday over. I'm begging for more holidays ! Two weeks ain't enough for me D:

Let's get started.
- Back To School -

We actually picnic in the classroom. rofl . We're bring snacks to share with all in class. Teacher has no more ways to control us. HAHA. Eat all the day , chat , online. Our mouth non-stop working unless we sleep. x:

While maths period , me and cy were like so bored '

Then we start drawing faces ! :D

Everyone seem to be sleeping in class. but me an cy were active ! Because we're busying drawing . lol
Here's ben , The Sleeping Prince.

Here's cy. He said he wanna draw a portrait of himself without anyone's help. So comes out drawing like this ! Cy is such a noobtard. :D HAHA. Mayen's table is so ruin by him. Goosh !

Stay Back.
We actually plan to stay back for accounts project. Well , that teacher is fucking crazy man. She can laugh in that second and in the other second she'll be like WTH ! Shouting like TARDs ! Fucking annoyed by her voice. Urghh. We don't know how to deal with her so we decide not to stay in school. Furthermore , I cant really find a reason for me to stay. She's crazy !

Then Haruman fetch us to Oldtown.
There were mayen , yoyo , jia yue , di rong and later on cy and his friends came.

I loveee french toast with a cup of hot coffee ♥
What a wonderful enjoyment of life x:


I gotta say hello to FATS . Recently ate a lot mooncakes. ! I can even have only mooncakes for dinner. Ended up FAT and cough. urghh. imma get to a doc soon , and one more hello to medicine then . rofl.

Been rushing for my accounts project. Damn it ! I have so much to do yet little time. Feeling so dizzy . ):
I instead to pass it up tomorrow ! I'm stubborn , yes i know. I don't want to give up at this time now ! It's a waste of my time and energy . Wish me luck guys. imma rush and pass it up tomorrow. 

My panda eyes is getting deeper.

September 21, 2010

I'm a mooncake MONSTER O:< !

RAWR ! Its mooncake festival ! As you see , I'm fucking excited about it because there're gonna be a lot mooncake ! weeee*
I'm so addicted to mooncake man ! 

 I'm a Freaky Mooncake Monster ! RAWR ! I'm the one who finish my house mooncake in flash . x:
They called me Mooncake dustbin ! ROFL. hatethemverymuch D:<

Starbucks Tiramisu Mooncake ! Fuck that ! I wanted to eat this one more time x: You guys gotta try it ! Freaky nice ! Ouch , My stomach growling  ! LOL ! D:<

Mooncake Monster !

Our fairtytale .

Once upon a time , something happened to me. It was the sweetest thing that ever could be...
A fantasy , a dream come true !
It was the day I met you ♥

I Love you with the breath, the smiles and the tears of all my life.
I love you today, yesterday and every tomorrow.
I'm totally drunk with joy and happiness when I'm with you!

Hunney , ILY
 Everything comes reality when I'm with you .
Always yours.


September 18, 2010

Night Peeps. ♥


Rock The Curve.
Me.Yoyo.Tiings.Vnis.Ah Yong 

Tiings . Yoyo . Me . Vnis

My favorites. RAWR ! 
Have my so called breakfast at Little Taiwan .
Woots !
Freaky early back home that day.


My GF !

Three of us.
Me. Yoyo. Winson
As usual he's always late . Grrr*
Have my so called breakfast at 4.00p.m again at 3JC @ Law Yat.
Went Redbox @ Law Yat sing k

 I ♥ My Pink Pink Lighter !

Yeah ! Kampai
We sang untill eight at night then we head back to Kepong.
Again - We waited for him so freaking long for him to do his stuff.
Then we went and have our dinner at Gasoline @ Metro
Tiings , Evon , Xiao ma 'n his friend came and join us.

 Brothers by hair colour.
After our dinner is time to plan 'where to go'
This always our problem at night. Urghh*
Then tiings suggest to go Pure -Pub @ Menjalara.
7 of us head there.♥

Yoyo aka Lion

Tiings aka pro ting ting

 Evon aka sai sai lap

Drink Drink Drink
Wuuhoo *
Home Sweet Home


Di rong fetch me and tiings out.
We stopped at KFC.
Meet Evon , Zegna , Kit
They three were busy playing in cc .__.
Me and tiings went Ninja yam cha then.


Then they all came join us.

 Various kind of cigarettes .
bunch of smokers !

Me , Tiings , Nicholas , Qbert
 went Damansara Shisha !
Woots !


Then we meet that gang and go to Metro MeiShiZhongXin
They ordered Super Spicy Taiwan Sausage

I fucking have a try since my friend said is super duper spicy .
I take a bite. small little bite*
I turned red and tears drop.
Keep on drinking and drinking .
My smexy lips burned ! Gosh .
 I finished my Watermelon juice for just 2~3min !

Home Sweet Home ♥

Night Peeps will continue rock !
Stay Tuned guys !

September 16, 2010


I'm not a perfect girl. My hair doesn't always stay in place and I spill things a lot. I'm pretty clumsy and sometimes I have a broken heart. My friends and I sometimes fight and maybe some days nothing goes right. But when I think about it and take a step back I remember how amazing life truly is and that maybe , just maybe, I like being Imperfect. (:

I'm imperfect but I had a bunch of perfect buddies
That's make my life colorful   
I love ya guys !

September 13, 2010

I'm - ME :D !

I'm Bad Tempered 
I'm Impatient 
and I'm a little insecure .

 I make mistakes.
I am out of control and at times hard to handle .

but if you can't handle me a my worst ,
then you absolutely don't deserve me at my best ...

But I'm sorry for my rudeness x:
HAHA ! I'll be nice if you're nice .

I love mua night life  
Babeh (Superb VIP)
You guys Rock My Life

Genting Trip .


然后 Seng Kit 打来
8点 Kah wai 来载我们
去吃早餐然后就载 Jackson
到了就去玩 Outdoor .
人多到!要玩那个Roller Coaster 排队都排整个小时
玩了一个就和 Jacqueen ,Tiings 赶快回去Hotel 因为脚真很痛了
安安和Kah Wai 来接我们咯
11点多outdoor 关了
Residen Evil 4



Kah Wai 怕塞车我们伍个就回先

September 11, 2010

Shisha ♥

睡覺睡到爽爽啊 Tiings 就打來叫我出~ blur blur 的准备
Oldtown 喝茶 
Seng Kit , Tiings , Evon Zegna , 德升
Zegna 有些事我們知道就好了。哈哈哈
Second Round 去 Sri Hartamas 吸水煙 
Peach 口味 !Wuuhooo 

那個jibet 桌子一直摇来摇去
Seng Kit 就把他的拖鞋頂着
超搞笑的咯 !Zut gek ~

Seng Kit


我 ><



3 in 1
Dunhill + Peach Shisha + Berry and Grape Shisha


Rock it !
My Night Life .

September 10, 2010

What the fishh ... & Happy Birthday !


3pm wake up then go eat my breakfast with Yoyo 
Jusco Tenpayaki ♥.
Recently 3 or 4 only have my breakfast .
Un-set time for my meal. Goshh !
Then Tiings came find us.
Evon fetch us to DPC.

Yam cha.
Too sienz ntg do x:

The Curve Movie.

16 ppl. WOW !
Is fucking a lot .

Soooo Horrible.
I was shouting like hell in the cinema.
I actually scare to go toilet after this movie x: psps
What the fishhh.
Fagot Scary !

Yam Cha again.
4a.m reach home ♥


After wake , out with Miao po and Liiming.
Have my so call breakfast again at Wong Kok.

Brem Mall sing k.
Actually we plan go to s.w sing k. but then brem mall can order Kampai .
Now change new staff . Fucking LC. niama o0o
Mua miao po

 Me . Liiming . Miao

Then about 8.00pm we go Arena celebrate Huii bdae.

Fagot nice lor ♥
I do it myself.

 Heineken. ♥

 Bdae Cake.

Birthday Girl !

SIAO xD Peace ^^V

Huii n' Me.

 Face red x.x

Yoyo 'n Me.
Yo Whatsup !

 Miao po 'n me

 Tiings 'n me.

 Elaine 'n me.

 Piing 'n me

 Maykei 'n me

Then second round to Nga nga san.

LMAO. back.