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November 19, 2009


I'm so fucking not active.
arghh ~ miss my babess much .. (:

No pic..
Jibet phone sot geh.. Dec only get new phone.

less on

Midvalley 1st floor. h0h0s..

Stupid post...
Next time only write...

November 6, 2009

Happy Birthday .

Boubuii 喵
Happy Birthday.


November 3, 2009

I'm Back.

bla bla bla ...
Com spoil ~ Less on !

System changed .__."
Needa confirm email adds.
Urghh  !

Sha lalala ~
Friendster comments throw there million days... Lazy reply
g0 facebook  ~ more sy0k ~

No go school.
Waiting for ppl call me to interview for work ~
Stay in house .

So touching !!
Ke lian little nyoya...

You all can find me chat in msn
I'll reply if i free. hehehe ! but 
don't nudge ! or spam
I'll block ~ or delete contact. 

I gotta gogogo ~
xD miss ya !

October 22, 2009

Selling Contact Lenses.

From RM 35 and below.
Pre-order and Wholesale is available.
New GEO LENS product is available.
Extra Big Lens. New
New Brand. Coming Soon

For more imformation please visit our website.


October 21, 2009


So lazy go school. ):
Have school sickness
Hate school Hate school !
wuahaha ~ ponteng so many days. x.x"

Sibeh kns.
Buy till purse empty. (cries)
So sad. Now can't go anywhere. kns' No money no go
.__. This is what Tracy's said ' (stunned)
Went out yam cha. after received a call from Tracy.
Desa Park City xD
Klang Station or what so ever.
Satu gang' boom the restaurant.. all full with out noise. x:
The scene was like ' monkeys out from cages. '
So fun !

Sibeh mask. . Sibeh flu

Today the history changed xD
I went to school. (laughs)
My class babeh only 2 kaki came.
huhus. Stay in dewan whole day
Mix with other classes. Quite bored but quite interesting too. -.-
All ppl gone crazy. after recess we have a movie time << G Force. >>
argh... sit there butt also pain. Fuck u PUAN LATIFAH
sibeh mafan hai ~ then we ponteng ponteng class. durhhh x:
We did kinda many crazy stuff.
Laugh till stomache. ! Almost last period ponteng out.
Beh tahan in school ! (evil*laugh)

Lazy school .
bla bla bla ~

To my babeh .
Gambateh SPM.
+u+u !

Gotta find work soon.
poh chan . (cries)
finish .

October 20, 2009

Long long post.

Bla bla bla...
Duno what title. -.-"
Here no chinese font . x.x"
Got to write in english. No choice.  

A bunch of Comments and Friend Request. waiting for me.
Sorry guys ): Less on' Reply you all later .
xoxo love u all ~ wuahahhaa.

Caught flu. D:

  My eyes " bengkak "

Stay in my damn room whole day.
Hah-Chiuu here Hah-Chiuu there.
Whole body boiling. damn hot x.x"
Too bored... Stuck in com whole day in rooooommmmm ~

Have a little art on my nails.

Yesterday Shopping In Sungai Wang.

Hiak hiak ~
With iimo 2 kaki lurrr.

aiyerr ... lazy write.
Many things happened such that.
. Someone unknown beg us to buy their rubbish stuff
. Black out in one lift. scared my ass out man =.=
. Po chan . once again T.T
know one thingy ~ iimo afraid of cockroach . H0H0S.
Our lunch or breakfast. whatever lar
Sushi station lao pek der.. x,x"

After buy buy and buy.
Left abit for then we toke taxi back to jusco..
Meet tiings and y0y0 .
huhus. talk awile then we left...
Yam cha ~~ Then back lurrr.
ah ba fetch ~ since i have no money left x:

bought 1 shoe again.
zzz damn !

bla bla bla...

Skip school again.
wahahaha ! damn lazy mannn ~

Scar T.T
Thanks to the stupid dunhill ! and the stupid xiu keong
arghhhh !!

Burn/Throw/Recycle  books.
Yeah yeah ^^ ~ Bye bye form 3.
wahahahaha ! x:

Lol... ~
(: tatas ~ Next post coming soon .
Give a little patient.
I miss you all friends.
xoxo (: mwahhssss

October 16, 2009

Let's Celebrate.

Sorry for din't update for a long time.
Less on.

The day after PMR. 7th of October.
9.00a.m + Finished .
Went home and have a little nap.
12a.m like this get ready and went jusco. Meet mashiko.
Hees*  Long time no see. We keep on talk and talk.

We watched Tsunami.
Very touching movie. We both cried inside. x:

Bought a pair of shoe.
Goshhh* RM 40 -fly. D:

Then later at night...
Went tracy's house and straight to Cineleisure.
Oh goshh*
My whole day long. Tired ):

Din't write in detail. p/s

October 10, 2009

What the .

Twilight . urghhhhh *
That guy is damn funny... but still kinda retarted x.x"

This's er... ... * speechless .

Lol !

October 9, 2009

never forget ; never forgive.

Fake Smile. :]
My panda eyes.

No matter what you do.
I just can't forget , can't forgive.

To be continue ...

The day before PMR .
We - me , aiko.coco.kiko had a little group study.
Coco's man came and fetch me by 7.00a.m something.
gosh* I'm really blurring that time x: and I'm sleeping on my chair.
You can't imagine how the style was x: and I hear coco's voice.
Damn... She came in my house just like that. x.x"
Quickly stand up and hope she din't see anything x: laugh*

Every one there went breakfast with a sleepy face.
MIKO .coco.coco'sbf.kiko.xj.aiko.
Our movie of the day. Titanic !

So touching.
I've watched it 3 times or maybe more x:

Dogs ?
Urgh... I don't even dare to think about it... Just felt so disgusting.
This is the 1st dog that ever lick my leg... named ; ricky.
Actually this dog kinda cute -.- urgh... 1st mentioned a dog cute
I'm such a pet hater. =.=
But if clever or trained dog I'll think about it. :]

almost 7pm reached home. Omfg. tired like hell.
But no choice still have last day tuition have to go. =/
So touching... They just keep'on wish n wish n wish.
All the best ' everyone's saying.
Mr. Ganeson ; before class end... he give us last speech.

and this little thingy...
=/ Thanks ! and i'll miss you all much

Omg... In the english paper I forget a fat woman in The Phamtom Of the Opera.

Damn... i just remeber M .. A and sounds like MARY
I think the fucking name for 10 minutes or more. So frustrated just write on Mary.
And iko told me was MADAM GIRY ! arghhh* damn ~ How could I forget.
The marker will surely laugh his/her ass out D:

and for Section A.
Damn So bored. Just keep'on write and write.
All rubbish x.x"

can't wait for pmr to over.
I'll be the 1st one to throw books. x:


PMR really drive me crazy.
All those so called soalan ramalan never come out.
Darn* All of us read until half life and at last the questions all never come out.
goshhh.. I hate this much ! D:

Hoping tuesday to arrive faster.
We're having throw booksssss festival.
or might be burn books ? x:

To all babeehh ,


Happy Birthday.

Thor Wai Kwan x:
Happy Birthday.


October 4, 2009

Make it clear.

I din't chopped off my hair.
Was Just joking x:


I don't like to be in short x:
Edison said my short hair looks cool , yeng .
arghh* If I really have that haircut ...
I think I'll regret after a week. .
luckily no...
To Hui ying :hees* You look good in short too. x:

oh gosh * She'll surely kick mua butt .
I'd better get my mouth shut x:


October 3, 2009


I'm letting go. :D
Please don't come back ; or else I'll pay back twice as bad.
I'd warned you.

Yesterday night ' bored night ' mua tracy
Me & Tracy ♥ We both are so crazy stayed up whole night.
We'd chat about this topic ' Money , guys or career ? '
For me ' durh of course money .
I wont be that dumb to choose guys ' urghh*
We chat bout this almost hours...hees x:
We both kinda similar :D
We both love 蜡笔小新 

We both love to stay up late 

We both are girls... * fei hua x.x"

etc etc ...

Our eyes today was like ' bengkak ' darn
This is what we call Panda. hees*
I can say like almost 2 days never sleep.
Let see tonight x:

Panda rawks ®

Moon Cake Festival.

Starbuck Moon Cake ®

Happy Moon Cake Festival .
Well this year abit not same.Not celebrating with family but friends.
They all back ipoh and I'm alone in da house.
but... don't forget still got her ' th iko. hees*

Just went hangging out with some friends.
arghh* Din't sleep 2 days @



I've been stayed up whole night.
If i go out just like that i'll scared away everyone x:
hees* jk.

I don't know what I did ...
but... I just don't feel like sleeping.
Guess that insomnia ?
Online ? Psp ; contain all bro lame game inside -@-" 
urghh* Please do ignore the puppy carpet. I hate it !

Movie ? err. i know this is kinda lame...
but when you're bored... you wouldn't care much.

Feeling bored wanna do something to take revenge...
h0h0s. ;P

sms @ phone call...   eat eat ... and nothing much...
Panda eyes bigger and bigger. arghh* whoever cares x:

Moon Cake Monster time.

Delicious x:
Please don't lick the screen.

Cute. ((:

September 30, 2009

Time to Shit !

Chopped my hair ? urghhh*

Once again...
I can't wait for PMR to over.. so frustrating right now.
To all my beloved friends ; Do your best in PMR.
like Mr.Calvin said ; is time to shit since we've been eating for 3 years.
means : is time to put all your effort since we've been studying for 3 years.
Nice example he made. He's such a dirty king . muaahahaaa :D

Everyone were like asking me ' why  you change your blog link ? '
Actually I don't really felt like changing the blog link but I have no choice.
This is started when my someone first veiw my blog and tell everything to my parents.
Darn* like what mojo said ' kepo betul '.

nothing much..

September 29, 2009


Nice design. I love it.
I get it from my dad.
I was kinda shock after seeing that.
So cool. xD

Capture by me (: hees*

Brought to you by m.iko .

September 27, 2009

Changed ?

Miko in short  ?
Urm... How is it ? (-@-)"

So freaking frustrated recently.
Goodbye Holiday and once again hello school .__."
PMR is in the corner ; Not in the mood to take the test. shit*
No choice. Study!
Wish me luck guys.





September 25, 2009



Dear ...  他不值得你这样为他付出

那个女的打来找他 , 他叫我听
他叫我和她说 ,
别再打来了.. 你的丑脾气我真的顶不顺 。你去找别的男生啦。
哇,我老爸Superman ... 真狠心啊 。
我早就和他说了 ,小心这个女生 。
中国女骗钱的 !他却不信.. 还说她怎样爱他... 
现在,dai sei 啊 !
其实我很气我老爸的 ... 不过算啦。
哼哼... ...

Love   problem.

Please mind your own business.

Is that any of your fucking business here ?
My personal life ; my lifestyle ;- Hello ? This is none of your business.
Yeah yeah.. I know you are greater than me or bigger.
but can you just get your ass off of my blog ?
Whatever i write is my fucking own business. I like it so what ?
Backstabbing me ain't a cool. If dare please talk in front of me. Face to face.
You're nothing different from the auntys in pasar .
Why don't you find a girl and mind your own fucking business.
I mean , hey you're going to be 23 next year. go and find your partner. malat lou .
We go whatever place ain't your business.
Don't act like you always greater or clever than anyone.

Just don't fucking bother my life .
Please get off .

September 24, 2009

Thanks ! :D

Friends reached 1000 in two days. Yeah (:

Thanks for everyone that support .
If anyone that failed adding my 5th acc. VIP ♥ Try on New. 7th acc .

Home swet home ; day .
A boring day again ...
Planning to go sing k... Who wanna join ? hehes. *
Still enjoying my holiday... No mood to study now.
Gonna do it in last minute. x:

Oh my ,
I bought a present for you. You gonna love it (:
and ... Happy belated birthday to you . Sorry for late wish.

For your information. To xxx
Hello ? D-o  y-o-u  u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d  e-n-g-l-i-s-h ?
You're so damn fucking annoying man !
I can't stand you languages and Please Mind Your Words !
urghhh... Pissed me off .

Nothing more to write.
tatas ~

September 23, 2009

Night Genting.

9.30p.m something up genting.
Freaking bored in house ; so me and iko went genting to have supper.
Night in genting ; Nice night scene , cooling wind. xD
They still say not very cool in genting... but once we step down from the car.
They'd freeze . Laughs* but for me... just fine... (:

Planned to go sing k but its RM 48++ Golden hour * so exp. x.x" 
Then we planned to watch movie...
The only movie in cinema . " Tsunami " 1.30a.m
Dots.. x.x"
So we walk around and find somewhere to slack.

Let the picture do the talking xD

Long cooling street ... wowowo ~

The only warm place ; Toilet x:

Our Supper. Everything is expensive than the normal price o:

weees~~~ Nice scene ...
 show off new heels  x: yeah !


Funny things .
When we're sitting at somewhere in genting.
Suddenly a group of teenagers stopped by... they wanna come forward but don't dare.
Then finally , a boy ; one of them ... came and asked if we could take picture with him
ahem ... I were like "... ? " don't know what to say. We rejected.
His request is too over . . h0h0s.

Uncle group.
Omg... This really pissed me off .
Ehhs.. they keep on bugging at us. Oh shyt...
Me and iko were like " Hello old ass ? Get off please ? "
They're so ... ? @#$%^&*(  * Well i guess you all don't wanna see that word.
How i wish they could look in the mirror and see their freaking face.
Shyt ! ...

3.00++ a.m something almost 4
Finally reached home...
So damn tired.

cia0 `