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May 29, 2009

Omg , what a day.

Today 12.00p.m wake up

Din't go school

I mean who bother to go ?

Its teacher's day. BORED .

Then i online awhile and find out that its fucking bored and nothing to do.

So i off and continue my wonderful sleep.

Around 4.00 somthing I woke up cause my stomach alerts me

Time to eat !

I stay at house whole day and I don't know what I'm doing .

Sit . Walk here walk there . Roll on bed . Finding sum1 to talk with . Poke my phonie . Eat this eat that . Kick this kick that . Poke keyboard . Stare at monitor screen . Watching tv but don't even know what show . Stare at my phonie . Hear song -stupid song . Finding somewhere to go . Disturb this disturb that . Shout . Sleep . Roll . Jump . Run . Kick . Touch . Slap . Beat .

What a day.

Don't laugh I know its silly x;

My day ♥

May 28, 2009

I saw him but i miss u.

Today 28/5

I went to saloon right after i back from school.

After so many hours sitting there.

At last iko and my hair done .

Then we go out and wait for iko's mom.

Guess what ?

I saw him .

Well, he changed alot.

Yeah , He saw me too.

But we din't say HI or anything and just went away

We're just like stranger on the road.

Well , he gave me alot of memories

And to my stupid boy.

I saw him but i miss u

Its wont be possible that me and him could patch back.

Cause my heart is filled .

with YOUR LOVE (:

Just close your eyes.

Feel my love .

Trust on me .

I wont let your heart bleeds (:

I promise.


May 25, 2009

Safe n sound . Phew o;

These days I've been so silence.

Waiting chances to tell my uncle about the gantung thing.

Today he went to see Miss Thean.

For the Surat Amaran 2 thingy.

I also shocked to hear that .

Then when i reached home

He nag about my school stuff .

My hair , uniform , socks all that.

Then I told him I maybe get gantung by school

Bacause my marks reach the gantung limit.

But Miss Thean told him that I minus 50+ marks only.

Whao. Now i don't know I get gantung or what.

I do sign for the gantung surat.

But Miss Thean din't tell this to my uncle

Kinda blur now.

But at least its alright now.

Phew . . .

He say only then nothing already.

Now i no need bother about the gantung thingy

Safe n sound.


May 22, 2009

♥ Ultra M.

Babyy .

Don't cry over anyone who won't cry over u.

Always do look for the rainbow after the rain.

Try to live without him

Enjoy life today. Yesterday has gone and tomorrow may never come.

Who knows ?

You don't need to change anything for him

I prefer the way you're now .

Just be yourself and if people don't like it, fuck them!

Follow your heart but take your brain with you!

And remember I'm always by your side .

Comfort you . Listen you . Cry with you .

Maybe you can say I'm your ultra M. But who knows ? I'm weaker than you .

Even though I'm not happy I fake it. I'm sick of this pain but I can take it.

I do try to smile everyday.

Smile. It's the second best thing you can do with your lips.

Smile. It's easier than explaining why you're sad.

It only takes one smile to hide a thousand tears...

So what do you think ?

Cry your heart out. Let it go. Remember, after every tear comes a rainbow.

Whatever happens, good or bad, just hold on tight.

Whatever happens, happens for a reason.

Plan for tomorrow, but LIVE for today


Things are beautiful if you love them.

I hope you can do it like I can .

May all your dreams come true <3>

Ultra M


May 20, 2009

Bad luck all around me .

My father is bringing her back.

I think ! Cause she's leaving China and come to Malaysia.

I heard their conversation . They said they wanna get married.

I'm totaly speechless .

Secondly ,

I'm getting gatung sekolah from my school for just a little bit small kes

!@#$%^&*()_ school.

Miss Thean called me to inform my parents to go to school

And now i don't dare to tell them

How to tell ? I'm getting gantung ? Teacher gave me BIG HOLIDAY ?

They gonna skin me life life.

Freaking life !

Freaking school life .

I forgotten to bring my school uniform
So i din't change after PJ.
After recess ,
BM period " Pn. Latifah " call 1 pengawas bring me to disiplin room
Then Miss Thean key in to com
Dots. she print out SURAT GANTUNG

Wtf !
Now want gantung ler.
Sure kena 9 9 from parents.
Bad news.
Scare they cut my internet line.
Don't give me go out anymore.
Phone don't giv me use.
Change my school


Stupiak my all surat all also lewat . hair . all those noob stuff nia.
Zhong dou so gou li

Babi !!!
How to tell them ?!
whao ... *faint !

May 13, 2009

Set me free please.

Leave me and my life alone .

I just need a little bit

It just that simple .

Why cant you all just give what I want ?

It wont be costing you all a dollar .

I'm so tired.

For being what you all want me to be .

All i want is just to be myself .

Love me ? Care me ?

Then . . .


May 11, 2009

我还记得 。

27/2/2009 ♥

分开了之后,才发现身边的空气好像 抽空了一样,什么都没有,却到处充 了寂寞,充满了孤单,充满了悲伤

每天早上醒来之后告诉自己学着去忘 ,忘记你的好,你的美,对自己说你 有很长的路要走,不能只为一件事而 耽误了自己。可是越是这样告诉自己 会越压抑。越让自己无法呼吸。

不知道你会不会想到我,但我却时刻 想着你。

连跟别人通电话都能想到你,跟别人 着话却想着你,对别人来说好不公平 可是我也不想这样,却控制不了想你 的思绪。才知道原来爱你爱的那么浓 。才知道在一起叫梦,分开叫痛。

阿蜜 -

May 10, 2009

Yes, i do .

You have melt my heart .

You're always there for me when i was sad .

You always give me surprise .

You made me SMILE when i were down .

You've been a good listener .

You made my heart beat so fast .

You've made me dream of you .

You're my dream man .

Miss u. Heart u. Only u.

U're my everything .

Yes , i do.

But ...

I haven't found " you " yet

) ;

May 6, 2009

Life is full of surprise xD

One day ,
I forget when was it x;
But i remembered it happened like this
I were walking around because i'm so moody that day
And suddenly someone poke me on my back.
I looked behind , and i saw my old friend.
Wow ~ i were so amazed.
And he wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
aww (: still remember till now

On 2th May.
I felt so down ~ Head pain .
I feel like sleeping.
I'm looking down on my phone
When i look up every1 start staring me like something wrong.
Then all of a sudden they sang me HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG !
It was a great surprise xD

On the way home ,
I received a present from my friendster friend.
I taught he was just joking.
Anyway thanks ya (:
I love that chocolate.

5th may ,
I went watch movie with my friends .
Tread of destiny . A Japanese Movie
This is what we watch.
I thought this is nice but it disapoint me .__.
No point . No ending . No Subtitiles sometimes .
Its kinda bored too x;

At night ,

I'm having party ~
My friend bring present.
I opened it
I'm so shocked
Thanks babi dear (:

5/5 12.00a.m

Its over . D;
That was fast .

May 3, 2009

Sick on bdae.

Yesterday i'm not feeling well already.
But i promised all my fren i'm going already so i cant break my promise.
I thought nothing after come back only see doctor.
I went roller then about 1.30 something i went out and go sing k
I were like no energy already.
Pain here pain there.

Inside neway i were like so damn cold !
but i wore this thick.

[ I took this pic in taxi =/ ]

I thought i can wait till sing finish then only go
But on 4 something i really feel so down.
Then i request to go home 1st wif iko .
I walked to monorail and decided to go back.
Then my fren called me to go back neway cause they not enough money
Neway said RM 24+ each person then when pay
RM 35 .__. wth !
I walk till so no energy ady ~

Inside KTM i already like wanna die ady ~
After reach home i need to go cousin buftday party.
My head wanna fall ler.
Then went see doctor.
My cousin 'iko' ask whether i get swine flu
Cause i hav bodyache , sore throat , fever .
Then the doc say i don't look like pig .__.
Funny doc ~ Say cold jokes with no reaction.

By the way ~
THANKS all my beloved frens that celebrate with me
i love u all alots.
THX kinkit for the chocolate xD

SICK go away
Suffer eating pills .__.
Everytime so many

eat twice a day


May 1, 2009

How are you ? I'm fine thanks. BORED !

I'm bored with my life.

If wanna list down all my bored life.

Perhaps i could use around 10 pages or more.

What a boring day.

Everyday is repeating the same damn thing.

Nothing much special.

aww~ I don't know what to do to make my DAY a little bit special.

Ohh wait a minute.

I have a story to share
. *laugh

I forget when this happened.

Well this is about one annoying girl and me when i were freaking busy ;D

I said i'm busy and i'll reply her later when i'm done. (:

I din't mean to be rude or anything else.

And then she start spamming and nudging.

mIko mikO ~ rEplY la... so sOhaI dEr YoU.

wHat u dOinG lA ? hOw r U ?

* [ she've been repeating this sentences so many times and i think i've reply her twice.]

If i'm not mistaken. This is what she said to me.

I'm not rude ? i'm just so busy. and i did say i'll reply her later when i'm done .

Well if i don't reply her is not my business also.

I don't pay to reply her. RIGHT ?

And she start nudging and spamming.

She made me so PISSED OFF !

And i reply her 1 sentences.

D-o y-o-u u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d e-n-g-l-i-s-h ?

And also i try to explain to her what i've said just now.

Wow and she start her "bad words"

And i remember she said i'm stupid.

sEE yOuRsElvE 1St ?

dOnT yOu fEeL anNoyInG iF SoMeOnE wRiTe iN tHiS wAy ?

sHe cAnT evEn wRiTe iN a pRopEr wAy.

And she said that i'm stupid ?

If i get this " stupid " for not replying u

Then u're what ? U're just so freaking annoying !

Which no one can stand u. .__.

Well she's so dumb but thanks to her too.

She's my jokes on that day and NOOB will be the topic (;

Gee ~ What a funny noob ;D