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January 31, 2010


January 30, 2010

30/1/2010 ♥

Sleep late *whooops x:
Actual schedule 11a.m
Drag till 12p.m >.<" p/s

Me and eva went Jusco and meet 'em 1st and then only go by taxi.
.liming . boubui miao . tiings. iimo . tomoko . meiqi .
(: 2 taxi ~

Urgh.. sunny day ... freaking hot *omgosh*
Almost faint inside da taxi .
Hungry + Headache. Damn !
The very first thing I wanna do when we reached there were EAT ! rawr .
Tbowl is fucking full so we went the next restaurant there.
I were like anyting will do as long that will cure my stomach .x:
After finish our so called breakfast !
Then shop with minako and maykei .
 Walk awile then we head to GreenBox
Enjoying much inside .
Here's our picha !

Kena Cam .__."

Cam-whore ! :D

Sing till 6.00pm 
Then we came out and shop again.
hahas. winson and his friends came and join us.
then almost 7.30p.m+ like that winson fetch us back.
8.30p.m reached home

to this both leng luis . :D

Best wishes to you two. 
mwahsss !

The End.

Monday will be at Sunway .
Catch me up !

Jalan Petaling .

I counted the steps that you take.
You don't really care .. don't you ?

Jalan Petaling

While we're waiting for uncle ...
I saw this cute thingy. So...

Micol : Eh guess how much .
Eva : Err... RM 700++
*Remain silent awhile .
Micol : Rm 2000+
. . . Eva reaction were like **** stunned !
hahas ! Freaking funny . LMAO

Here's the kns LV bear -'-
Urghh.. so ghey ._.

Well , Its Last time I' going there. 
Never ever go there anymore in my life !
FFA . ( Freaking Fucking Annoying )
Damn all those kns sellers there.
Walk along one street almost 80% of those "sohais" disturbs.
Urghh , I really get very pissed off !
They're kinda like Sexual Harassment like what Eva told !
Yikes ! Hate !

Going tomorrow.
Celebrate 2 babeh birthday !
Liming & y0y0 ! (:
Stop here.
Will be continue .wait for mua next post (:

January 24, 2010


Roll Roll Roll Your Eyes.
Blah  . . . . .
Whatever it is , That's the retarded song that created by Dan .
He's a jerk ! x: LMAO.

We went plaza .
Meet baby wendy ! Sok. xD
Take our lunch at Madam Wong .
As usual behind seat , Dunhill kaki ! *

After eat , Start our shopping maniac ! weehoo.
Din't really stay long at there.
Go TimeSquare , Say hello to Jack zai .
Too bad he's working. hahas ! Gotta go without him x)
Din't stay long at there ; went Pavilion .
Watch movie !

We bought 4 seat .
3 adults 1 children for Jayson.
We played Truth or Dare inside the car.
He chose Dare instead of telling us the truth .
So .. *evil laughs.

What can I say for that day ; CRAZY !
Play till freak .xD ''
Don't really have time to cam .
 busy eating x.x"

Dinner time !
After that receive a call from Jia wei .
Dan drive to Cineleisure.
Yam cha again .
*.* Back !

Tiring but happy day (:

(: Micol

I have my own life.

I don't need a man to make it happen
I get off being free
I don't need a man to make me feel good
I get off doing my thing
I don't need a ring around my finger
To make me feel complete
So let me break it down
I can get off when you ain't around

You know I got my own life
And I bought everything that's in it
So if you want to be with me
It ain't all about the bling you bringing
I want a love that's for real
And without that then no deal
And baby I don't need a hand
If it only wants to grab one thing
♥ I don't need a man - Pussy Cat dolls. (:
 Some messages (:
I care no more on what your life your feel your everything.
I don't wanna know anything about you.
I have my own new life and I started to Love ♥ it !
 I've change myself.
So must you.
Leave the past behind , and live as life's go on.

 Goodbye my past. 


January 23, 2010

Reborn * Micol .

Micol Queen .

Its time to change myself .
Goodbye past !

I love myself ; my babes ; my buddies.
I don't need you.
Please just get off since I've decided to let you go.

Micol queen ;

January 22, 2010


Taadaa ...
New hair style huh ! h0h0s.
p/s too bored.

Nice feel ;
I'm loving it !
Catch it when we're heading to midvalley !

Nothing much ;
Hees* I get my salary ! yeah babeh ~
Party's ON !


January 20, 2010


Insomnia .
Eat eat eat whole night .
and also my buddy !
(: Mr. Cigarette

Boringg !
Stayed up till 6.00a.m
Bath and go school.

arghhh ~ of course tired !

Mr. apple cured !
That day suddenly blackout !
Leave it there 1 day and the next day try to open it back.
Thanks god ! Pheww . Nothing dy xD

Crazy with ah dan and ah boy ~
They welcomed to Night ghost club !
Gosh damn it ~ Crazy .


Shine my life .
Although , the day without you were very miserable.
But its ok now , I LOVE MY LIFE NOW !
Dan was right !
We don't live a life for just a little guy like that.
Hey yoo . Thanks dude .:D
 Here's some random pics ! :)
enjoyy /

In the car heading to ts!

Cry no more !

Let's talk abit about my school life !
Homework there Homework here !

My sibeh karangan .
Niama , 280+ perkataan ! crazzy teacher !
Sibeh doraemon !@

Yesterday absent to school.
Planned to take MC one..
Oh fuck ! Reached school only realise i brought wrong MC to school.
See the fuck date ! The newest MC 19/1/2010 left in house. -.-" 

Today damn kns !

Niama , in class suddenly smell some kind of perfume smell.
OMG ! hah-chiuu .
damn asshole. keep on hah-chiuu
ended up tissue fly here fly there. mahai arr =.="

End .
for now

January 15, 2010

My best buddy .

Meet my best buddy !

Without him ; Its ok .

I'm fine.

Thanks to all babeh ;
a boy.
man man .
and many moreee.

Thanks for being a good listener !
I love you all .
mwahssss !

My day ♥

Without you.
Its ok !

Cant upload pic !
my usb wire dunno fly where dy !
urghhh !

To iko :
oops i did it again !
sorry fong your fei gei again ! wahahha ! ;(

Actually planned to go midvalley.
The manager ; Alan uncle not in KL x.x"

Grr.. then go jusco.
Wanna sing k... but ...... kiko dunwan .
fine then go buy movie ticket.
Suddenly , kiko and her bf quarrel ! wow !!!!
Really dangerous when she angry o:

Mashiko and daii them come say hi ~~
hahas blur-ing that time ! they quarrel me also fan le

Then they went back. me and maykei and junzai them just lepak lepak ..
Marlboro black. long time no see.
hahas !

Nothing much ~

January 9, 2010

Lmaos !

Just now run back to my house with iko using back way.
She afraid of cats,so i forced to walk in front and scare the cats off 

Reached home ... but no keys . We were like arghh !!
So i shouted my " lou yeh " [father] to get key for us.
Good ! No one's home . Shit ! Dead.
But we saw the key on the stove right beside the door.
So... I've got an idea !
I took the mop near us to push the key down.
Iko pushing my hand up to balance myself.
Success ! We did it !

We got potential to be thief ! *evil laughs .

lalala ~
Go home for maggie mee and medicine and run back to iko's home.
How foolish ! hahaha ~

I shall let it go ?

I guess this is our ending .


January 8, 2010


Z A C .
Gone memory !
No more.

January 7, 2010

Private and Confidential !

What the fuck with her man !
Hello there's so fucking many people out there why only me ?
You have problem .. If you're jealous just sound it out.
Don't backstab you arsehole !

You think you're very powerful or what ?
I know you're BIG or can be said GIANT !
You're big for your size !
Just fucking get off from me !
I don't wanna see your chicken face.


January 6, 2010

Reborn .

Miss m.i


Liplicious sense .
Let's get in to 2010 !


After 2 months gone.

Hey guess what ?
I'm back !
I'm gone for a time huh.. Sorry for kept you all waiting for my update.
Here its is.

Let's get started .

My work partner. ( My last day ) 31/12/2009
Miss them much ♥

Urghh. Getting ready for work... Din't realise i get caught. o:

Love them (: ♥

Let's skip it .

This was my christmas present from my beloved one ♥
Thank q ~ mwahhh


The day before school 3/1/2010 .
Before that ..
I would like to wish all of you all here HAPPY NEW YEAR ! :D

I was lying on the sofa enjoying my last holiday...
Suddenly about 1.00 pm I started to felt bored bored and bored.
So i called sze yan . my cousin to go have a walk.
So after getting ready we fly to timesquare.
Shop maniac .. RAWR.
This is the pictre of the day (:

After 2 months gone .



I guess this for now..
tatas people. (: