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November 30, 2010

Not Home Tonight .

I'm sad because had a super quarrel with my hunnie. Mei Yee and Ah yong came and fetch me. Pou till morning with Mei yee , Jackson , Jason , and Kah wai .

I'm so noob at this >< ! Eeeks . 

2.00pm Home Sweet Home.

I'm so freaking hurt ): Alcohol please


Sorry for my late reply.

MadeMoiselle : wookays ! I'll have a look.
Zoey:)  : Hello . (:
Carrie♥  : Wookays !
MichelleXuann  : Yes , I can ad :D ! Nice blogg.
fishyy : Thanks ya >< ! Visit always . Hee*
Emily'♥ : Hello , come always ya (:
yoyo : Awww. Shyy ><
Y : babe , thanks ya ! Yours also nice. Next time Mist bring me along :D Teehee* rock tgt.
Jess : Not very. But I ate steamboat when the first day I pierce. No choice , friend bdae.
Xiaoblur  : Aww.. thanks ! But now no more ad. Coz my boy.f dont like.
Orange♥  : Hello (: Come always ya !
Sharon  : Haha >< shyy
B.鹿  : Haha >< sha po . shyy*
Liz ekie's  : Hello . come always ya ! 
jυxυαи__.[♥] : Hello. come always ya !
Y : Haha. My Halloween suit :p
♥荔 : Thanks ya ! Visit always .
Jecco : Haha , cutee >< Urm.. its a lighter x:
MY Engineer: Hello , come always.
guest : Yes (: 
Theng ♥ : Thanks , come always ya (:
Yee : You leng luii too >< 


I'm Sorry;;
Sometimes, I get jealous thinking that someone else could
make you happier, than I could.
I guess its my insecurities acting up, again.
Because I know I'm not the prettiest, smartest, or most fun and exciting.
But I do know, that no matter how hard you look;
You'll never find someone that loves you
like I do.


Here's to the bitches-
Y O U   A L L   M A D E   M E   S T R O N G

Here's to the friends
W H O ' S   A D V I C E   W A S   N E V E R   W R O N G

&Here's to the boy.f

I'vE loved all along


Someday when I say "I'm Okay" , I just want you to look me in the eyes , hug me and say ' I know you're not , baby. '

He's always


November 16, 2010

The best things in life :

Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you.
Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep.
First kisses.
Making new friends and spending time with the old ones.
Singing in the bathroom.
Sweat dreams.
Hot chocolate.
Making brownies and cookies.
Holding hands of someone you care about.
Watching sunset.
Hanging around.
Sleeping in.
Taking long,hot showers.
Blowing water with my babehs.
Knowing that somebody misses you.
Being with my baby

November 13, 2010








Micol Mi says : You know that I love you so , I love you enough to let you go.


Crap :3

This is when I were gonna do my tongue piercing for second time. Well , it's about months ago. Not as pain as the first time was. I still went and eat steamboat right after I pierce it . LOL . After all ; The progress is like ant bites and after a day when wake up from sleep it will like OMG ! The painfulness kills, I've been using Listerine all the time. 3 times a day.

It helps a lot . Can try Listerine in blue color and if you're kind of can't bare with mint then take the original 1. Best recommended for those who just got their tongue piercing !

Well , it kinda like wasted . I toke it off because my boy.f doesn't like it . " Take off my tongue piercing is like taking off my teeth but I toke off for a week " RT juniorfever.
Gosh , it's kinda like abnormal a bit because I've been playing it over and over and my mouth and tongue can't stop moving . Now I have nothing to play with when I'm bored  :/ Urghh *  I miss it :(



November 12, 2010

Honey Evon Big Day ♥

08112010 .

Cool .. I woke up at 7.00pm today :/ Then dinner with family and head to Arena Cafe . Rofl , I found out that plenty of us celebrating birthday there. No choice , I guess there is the best ideal place for everyone :p

Beer again. My stomach hurt much :@
Suicide in progress. Smoke and beer ; imma die soon !

Then head to I-City . Hush hush *
4 cars in row with double signal . Haha. We look like never studied undang before x:

The scene of I-City .


Third round to Ninja Mamak.
Our nest :/

November 10, 2010

Mua Miao po's Big Day ♥


Her lucky seven day (:
I head out on 6~7pm and settle things up. Then went to babe Apple's House. Went out dinner with her family :O eeeks. shyyy* Then head to Milawkee. We're late *oops sorry.

My Surprise for my babeh . Hope she love it (:


Then second round to PURE bar. Unfortunately , closed !

Then we head to The Curve . Sanctuary is the place for us. Alcohol again . Urghh.

Third round to Oldtown White Coffee .
2.00a.m Home Sweet Home ♥


November 9, 2010

My buzzy week.

Hush hush* Sorry for my super late update. My dumb ass monitor out of service again  ! Well well , feel like throwing it away for a new one x: Teehee

Let's rewind back to 27102010 .Well , I actually forget what date I just anyhow 'hentam'
Babe Vickii back from her trip and outing with her . We went Tesco and then swim at Yoyo's house.A very epic day but all of us having fun to the max on that day !

It's picture time :D !

My Superman Original T-Shirt ♥ I'm lovin' it !

Annoying guard keep on bugging at us. T-Shirt are not available there :/
Fine then , Bikini  ♥

Superwoman in da Pool !

After that went for a dinner at De Pastry Chef .

28102010 .
Went out with Tiings , Yoyo , Huii , Seng Kit . Weees* Tea at DPC . Smoke and chat again . Most common things in my life :p ! HAHA . Then fetch JacQueen out and head to Tesco.

Arena Tea again .

Beer time at PURE bar :D ! wowowow* Feel so unwell because the bass is too high. :/ Drunkard night !  We rock it .

Wake up early in the morning . Wowow. Breakfast. Our very first time breakfast at this time. Pro :p  Then Jusco Oldtown tea.

The Joker is in da house again :P hahaa*Jibai Sing .

Then we head back to Seng Kit's house . Play lami :D I'm dumb in that game . awwww.


051110 ♥

 Our Half Year Anniversary



He suddenly came from Cheras to Dpc for a surprise for me . Awww... Heart attack surprise ! We get to celebrate this amazing day together .
I can't believe it that we can make it this far. We were like fighting and arguing none stop last time. Now we settle it up and things go smooth . Promises still going on and his love make me strong from facing all the problems around me.

Baby , I had to tell here that I'm lucky to have you in my life
Be with me forever (^_−)−


November 6, 2010

Night Peeps !


Woke up late and then head to Sungai Wang with Tiings and Evon . Breakfast at BBQ Plaza Baby told me he never come and then suddenly appear in front of me. awwww. Surprise 99 ! Baby accompany me buy costume at TimeSquare. Then after that meet twins Mico and Annekie babey . Head to Cempaka Hotel.

Bunny twins ♥

Then after that head to Maison. Rock the club with Cullens Family in Halloween Night ! Rawrr. Drunk ! ishh. 5a.m baby came , overnight at baby house . He's so worried ): Sorry Baby .


The next day ...
Dinner with baby's family . 
:P Shyy* Hehe.. Then after that tea with Danson and Baby ♥

I love him


Since I was small , I have phobia in animals. It's hard to explain actually because no one can really understand me in this situation. You guys may think it's impossible for me to have this kind of reaction but it's true. Please don't take that as a JOKE. I may take any joke but not this. I seriously phobia at it.

That night is the first time I have that near looking at dogs/cats . I close my eyes and beg you guys to take it away. I seriously afraid ! My hands and legs were shivering and sweating and at time I'm crying in fear. You all won't understand my feeling.

恐惧感也许那个对你们来说是很可爱的东西... 不过我看到真的会很怕... 你们是无法了解我的心情~ 我也不想的,小时候到现在都是这样...

 Hope you guys can understand me. Don't take it as a joke. 

You all may see it as cute as this .

But for me is as horrible as this !

Now I'm feeling unwell after that incident. Shivering in cold the whole night. My hands were full by all my scratches from my nails. I don't know what I did , just that I felt scared and I hold my hand tight. Sweating all the way. I have a nightmare too. Now my condition gone worst than before. 


November 3, 2010

Halloween Night

Party ass.
Stay tuned !

November 2, 2010

Downside of me.

How sad to see myself with money and no joy. The little girl that studied economics, but never studied happiness. The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it. I enjoy warmth because I have been cold. I appreciate light because I have been in darkness. By the same token, I can experience joy because I have known sadness. Does love easy come easy go ? I don't hope to get a feedback by the answer 'yes' .Love and friendship have an intimate relationship with pain and sorrow. Sadness also arises from lost dreams and missed opportunities. I'm surrounded by crowd and I'm still walk alone.Alienated from the world outside, being throw aside.

Behind my smile is a hurting heart.  Behind my laugh, I'm falling apart.  Look closely at me and you will see, the girl I am...isn't me .
 To tell you the truth, I've just been avoiding everything.