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July 17, 2011

I don't care ♡

& This is a girl;
Who fights to stay strong ; when everythings wrong.

 her head said no.
her heart said go.
her head said don't fall again.
her heart said put nothing above him.
her head said you always fall too fast.
her heart said i can make this one last.
her head cried look he's breaking you!
her heart laughed, chill he's just in a bad mood.
her head said he's gonna leave you behind.
her heart said nah you're the only girl on his mind.
her head said look he's leaving you!
her  heart  yelled  shut  up! that can't be true!
her head said see i told you so!
her heart said, he'll be back by tomorrow.
her head said he's with  that  girl  tonight.
her heart whispered, sorry kid..your head was right
 I mean, maybe it's time
That I just start pretending that nothing ever happened
between us, after all it was so easy for you to.
Thanks to all my friends

Trying to change myself.

Work and work. Time to spend some money la weyh ! So bored. Feel like bringing back my shopaholic life ! Woohoo~


Went 1u Shopping Sleep late. 

The Garden for brunch . Supper hungry. 

My tutti fruiti Guava + Strawberry.

My Opera Heels. Loveee it.

... classy heels ♥

Versace Perfume Bright Crystal I'm Lovin' it.

Done shopping

Work Work. Sexy Chair Dance Performance. Supper crowded. 

Soon ill be okay,
I’ll hear your name & I won’t even flinch.

Stay Tuned

July 12, 2011

GT Girl ♥

Moody today. doesn't want to write much. only pictures will do. Sorry bloggers. Stay Tuned.