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December 7, 2011

Transfom !

Christmas ☃ 
I guess its lil' too early for me to have Christmas dream now.

Hey there peepo :D !
As you guys know I've been a lazy blogger recently but I'll try to chase back to trend. By the way, just to let you guys know I changed my hair style. I permed it. Kinda hard to take care but I did something new something fresh. But I kinda sad when the hairstylist chop off my long hair. I were like OMFG ! Damn sad you know :'(

I never sit for hours in a saloon before. damn ! My ass damn freaking pain that day. 
Will update my latest hair soon. STAY TUNED !
 Bye my long long hair. Mama miss you so much

Shopping Shopping !

Hello Kitty Watch ♥

My Guess purse ♥

My movie list.

 Twilight Breaking Dawn.
Of course I can't miss it. Big fans of it ! Watched every single episode. Can't wait for Part 2.

Arthur Christmas.
A good movie for Chirtmas. 

Justin Bieber Song is the Opening. 
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 
Nice song.

Wish List.

This advertisement freaking suit me. 

I exactly use from iPhone3gs - iPhone4 and now I wanna change iPhone4S
Argh! I'm such a big supporter to apple -.-"

 Sony Tx10 
My dream camera ♥

 or Canon , acceptable. 

and LV , GUCCI , BURBERRY , etc etc BAG!

I wish I manage to buy all these before Christmas. 

Take a break , have a cigarette.

November 11, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Babe Miao ♥

am not a active blogger. Felt so outdated. /.\ I still remember last time I'm a Blog Freak and I update almost everyday. Sigh...

Happy Belated Birthday to Babe Miao

Chilling with babes in Movida. Had a great great night with all of you. Gosh, I get to meet back some of my schoolmates. Miss 'em much !

 Babe Meiqii

Babe Apple

May all your wishes come true.

October 1, 2011

Dead blod x.x

Just post "is dead" for my feedback.

Imma gone a while and back for good ! Guys , wait me ♥


August 11, 2011



1u shopping with babe Kiko and Melissa. Actually we planned to eat Sushi Zanmai but super long queue over there then we change to Dragon-i.

My xiao long bao

Then head to La Senza

Go for undies x: haha. So fucking tired. But I can't find nice heals. hmm... :(

Then Sasa bought  eye liner and make-up remover.



After work then we head to Sepang Gold Coast.
 Me , Yoanne , Kiko , An An , Fu wei , Alvin , Short Kin.

 I love the sand there. Suppa smooth ♥

Our Shadow.

 They love to catch things. eeeewwwwww.

I've buried it.



If you really loves someone , let him go.
If he comes back to you , he's yours ; If not he wasn't meant to be.
credits by micol

August 5, 2011

Enjoy life ♡

I dyed my hair

I get inked

I get my nails art  

Changed a lot stuff. 
Stay Tuned for more.

credits by micol

Girls FTW ✰

Boys are Stronger Than Girls?

Can you bleed for a week and survive?
Can you squeze 14 inch baby from a 9 centimeter hole?
Can you carry a 7 pound baby in your stomuch for 9 months?
Can you take care of a child, cook, clean, and talk on the phone at once?
Can you carry 10 8 pound s.h.o.p.p.i.n.g b.a.g.s?
Can you go a [[week]] only eating [[salad]]?
Can you face heartbreak?
Can you watch the (love of your life) be with someone else?
Can you burn your forehead with a straightner and not complain?
Can you wear a thin piece of s t r i n g in your a s s all day?
Can you walk all day in 4 inch stilletos?
Can you cry all night then wake up the next morning like everythings okay?

I Didn't Think So.

credits by micol

July 17, 2011

I don't care ♡

& This is a girl;
Who fights to stay strong ; when everythings wrong.

 her head said no.
her heart said go.
her head said don't fall again.
her heart said put nothing above him.
her head said you always fall too fast.
her heart said i can make this one last.
her head cried look he's breaking you!
her heart laughed, chill he's just in a bad mood.
her head said he's gonna leave you behind.
her heart said nah you're the only girl on his mind.
her head said look he's leaving you!
her  heart  yelled  shut  up! that can't be true!
her head said see i told you so!
her heart said, he'll be back by tomorrow.
her head said he's with  that  girl  tonight.
her heart whispered, sorry kid..your head was right
 I mean, maybe it's time
That I just start pretending that nothing ever happened
between us, after all it was so easy for you to.
Thanks to all my friends

Trying to change myself.

Work and work. Time to spend some money la weyh ! So bored. Feel like bringing back my shopaholic life ! Woohoo~


Went 1u Shopping Sleep late. 

The Garden for brunch . Supper hungry. 

My tutti fruiti Guava + Strawberry.

My Opera Heels. Loveee it.

... classy heels ♥

Versace Perfume Bright Crystal I'm Lovin' it.

Done shopping

Work Work. Sexy Chair Dance Performance. Supper crowded. 

Soon ill be okay,
I’ll hear your name & I won’t even flinch.

Stay Tuned