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January 31, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year !

 Happy Chinese New Year to beloved blogger.
Rabbit year ; to all player , this is your year. 

About cny , the first thing I thought of were ' foods ' . Omgee ! My mouth were like 25 hours non-stop. Yea I know I know is terrible but am gaining fat. No worries ! Hee* First , imma introduce you my favorites ; chocolate. 

 My aunt bought many from singapore. I just caught a few of 'em. Still have a lot that I missed out. These were my favorite.

You guys gotta try this ! I voted 5 stars for this. Superb nice. Try to find it at those supermarket. I guess release at Malaysia already because it quite a long time ago.

Here's briefly that I did recently. Sorry for not coming so long. Left all my blogger behind :(

Anyway , I just watched 天天好天..

Very meaning story and also bring us laughter and tears. So , i look like retarded inside the cinema ; been crying then laugh , laugh and then back to cry. Rofl !
I learned a meaning quote from the movie : 不管晴天 或是雨天 天天都是好天 

I know I'm updated for movie at cinema because we less hang out at cinema. Just slacking aroung and tea.
You guys had to try this. Nice to eat it when hot and sunny whether.

 ... and yesterday I had a car accident. So omg ! I can't believe it happen to me. I watching the car getting nearer to the taxi. Lol. I bang my leg and nose. My leg nerve get to other place and its swollen. Terrible =.=

  Thanks to my small cousin bro for helping me to change the medicine. It's quite painful and I shouted like mad in da house ! x:
 Aww. That's kinda cute when he hold my hand and bring me down form the stairs. HAHA. Some more he's so short ! lmfao.

.. but however

不管晴天 或是雨天 天天都是好天  
its ok as long we're ok.
don't blame it to yourself !

January 26, 2011

十扑下 ♥

I've delete my old PAGE because of some certain reasons. Things settle down now and I created a new one now. Since my facebook profile were going to full so you guys can keep tracking on me here Click here !

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I promise I'll share the best !

love ya.

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January 24, 2011

Clubbing Night ♥

Wuuhoo. Rock it. Friday night , we have fun to the max that night. Wees*
Me , Yoanne , Ah mun

We make a stop at 3 club. Cool right ? xD !
I forgotten that name of that club for our first station. hmmm x:
Then second 1 we stopped at Aloha Club.
And then Beach Club.

Ah guas ideal places there -.-" eeeeks " Those disgusting people , erm just some of them lah. Of course some ah gua were pretty but not in Malaysia , please ! They were like , ewww ? 

Hmm... 3 club in total we went through. :D


For more pictures.
Stay Tuned

January 22, 2011

Shopaholic ♔

Woots. So long never update my new post. Sorry for keep you guys waiting ! As you guys know , Chinese New Year is in the corner and everyone is busy buying their clothes and so do I.


Me , Yoanne , Jacqueen and Mushroom went Timesquare ✮ Actually I plan to go earlier who knows that dude broke his promise again and again. He has been like that last time and never changed. It's ok he's ain't important for me anymore. :)

Brunch at Food and Tea again.
 VS with her since she love candid people so much ! xD

Then went pasar malam with 'em. and then yam cha 
The next day pasar malam again ! Dang .  

After school go shop again with Jacqueen and Joey. 1u this time . Woots. Accompany babe joey for her shoes. Nice shoes she bought at ' nose ' . 


Then we have out brunch at Burger King

Chit-chat for so damn freaking long and we almost forgotten our time ! Then rush back to Yoanne's house and get ready to Hong lok. So many peoples and I can't get to buy a thing. Damn ! 

Then back to Kepong and then follow wai wai to Kepong Foodcourt for supper. Funny thing was ; I saw babi Huii three times. Looks like we ate magnet and stick together always. 1u , Hong Lok , Kepong Foodcourt. Omgeee. the world so small xD !

Jacqueen's eyes super red after taking out her contact lenses. So worry about her. To all blogger , if you have this problem also please don't wear contact lens for few day until the redness and uncomfortable gone. The best is go consult a doctor for further advice.

We're about to go back then a call from wai wai's friend then head to sing k place again. Aww. freaking tired. 


January 14, 2011


Hey people !
Here are some second hand outfit ON SALE .
Actually not all of 'em are second hand.
Some of it are NEW too.
Have a look (:

Sorry guys , last time I didn't reply because my com were down for a moment.
Re-sale ! :D

Second hand.
This can be a dress or maybe can match with leggings because it will be quite short if wear it as a dress.
RM 35

Price : RM 20

Second hand.
Can go with girl & boy

Price : RM 25

Size M
I bought it in wrong size >< Its too big for me.
But i have to admit that. It's Nice
Price : RM 25

Size M

Price :RM 25

                                        Front                                                                Back
Second hand
Gap twist neck / Off shoulder.
RM 49.90

Price : RM 25

Second hand.
Black Friday cap
Yellow + Purple.

Price : RM25

Inner and outlet together.

Price : RM 25


Interested ?
PM me .
Leave a comment on CBOX.

Have a visit to 

She's selling 2nd hand clothes but most of them were NEW .

January 8, 2011

Yam cha life. The Siao[s]

I lovee hanging with The siao[s] Really hope that I can be with them always. With them I can be myself and do things that I want to do. I enjoy to the max when with them :D

My awesome yam cha life. Bored staying at home ? Yam cha is the best activity.
One - Can improve our friendship with more communication.
Two - Spending times.

I'll die if you cut down my yam cha life :p

 Wow. I in lovee with this short hair style :D ! DANG.

 Brothers hair :D ! HAHA.

 Yoannne beloved bii She's very cute. I love hanging around with her and playing with her. Fun and out-going girl.

Jacqueen mama. She's taking care everyone of us there. Her job were like our mother ! OMG. so caring Love you mama dear.

Get to catch his full face pic. Rofl. Pro leh xD - Blood aka fei lou

 Besides that , our best chosen activity were LAMI and MAHJONG and I remembered one funny picture.
 Mr. Bean's fav bear is playing mahjong. PONG ! x: rofl.

We enjoy sing k together too 

The siao[s]
I love to be with them. I enjoy it and can be myself !

January 7, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 ' !

Sorry guys for my late update >< ! PSPS.

Waited 100 years for blood to fetch us. Waliao ! Of course went to find my babe Yoanne first and make up at her house Then fetch Jacqueen and yamcha at Oldtown while waiting for that Joey .

My mini size hennessy .

 Stupid Yoanne babe keep on candid on me. ishh * Damnit :'(

 Then fetch Joey and head to DPC - Desa Park City. Freaking many people there. My eyes were like 'blur' . Rofl. Smoke non-stop there cause gotta enjoy my last day smoking .

Ah Sheng became out maid xD HAHA. His hand full of bags. Waliao. x: Because we're busy making things right at there. :| So freaking hot. We're like wasting time there. Waited for so long then went off before the fireworks. SUCKS ! Ate my dinner at Oldtown -.-" then head to PURE. Rock night

Having fun to the max. WOW. I love it 5a.m reach homie .

Me and Yoanne babe threw our cigarretes when 12a.m reached. WOW !  Hope we both can do it Pray for us. We do it slowly .Yoanne Bii , you can do it

1st of JANUARY 2011.

They fetch me to Joey's house and I thought only there to swim. Then after our swimming progress we went to pasar malam w/ Yoanne , Jacqueen and Joey ; then leon and nick came. Their outfit were like 'ROCK' ! Then we went home and change our outfit. PURE again cause they both addicted with it x:

Me and my siao bii . <Yoanne>
She's always that cute :3 love her

 With my dear <Jacqueen>
Big hugg with dear love her 

 With kisiao babe <Joey>
Mwahs Love her

  With my bro < lala>
 The drunkard <leon>
 Drunker zone :D
Nick , Me , Leon , Xiao Bai
I drunk that day. ROFL. COOL. Overnight at Joey's home.

2nd of JANUARY 2011.

Went supermarket buy stuff for dinner. Chilling our llast day of holiday before school starts. Wee* Play masak masak with beloved.

Sorry for the late reply. :p

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