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August 27, 2010

Be Right Back =D

Going for a trip to Singapore 
4 days 3 night.
My friend said I'm not a Malaysian because going other country while Merdeka.

Don't miss me guys .
Stay Tuned 
for my new post =]

August 26, 2010

School x:

Been so long I never write about school.
As you know , it's MERDEKA day !
One of my school Merdeka Day event was ; Decorate Class Competition 

So , here's my class (4G)

I din't really take the whole view of my class.
Is kinda taken "curi-curi" x:
So , anyhow la ~
Stuffs that I brought to school x:
It's more like I having fun in school than studying .
I were like " Hey , Chin Yuen ! "
He turned behind and "Chi cak"
Captured * 
Hahass ! Here comes his retarded face x:

Cy's and Mine :D
Muahahas ! Of course mine is Pink Edition

Nothing much actually.
The end of my R.A.N.D.O.M post .

August 25, 2010

Boo-yah ♥

Rock mua life

Today exam break time.
We sit in group and chit-chat.
Suddenly feel like eating KFC Cheesy Wedges and A&W .
So suddenly called out to Tesco .

After school winson came and fetch all of us.
Thanks dude ! :D

 Actually kinda like plan to do projects while eating and chatting.
Too bad. No one knows how to do :|
 So just walk around and shop.

Picha  ♥

Arghh. Sweets :D

Mua waffles ♥

 Eat for da whole day !

 Rawr !
Cotton Candy

ciaos ~

Painess .

It's exam week D:
But i didn't even prepare for it .
I don't expect much for my result .

I was suffering from stomachache.
Damn pain ; Un-describable .
I can't even stand for another minute.
Anyhow do my ENG , BM paper.
Fagot Sad T^T !

Here's my medicine.

Fucking scary right ?
Still needa see the doc for second time if I still can't recover D:

Urghhh !

I hope to get another chance to redo my papers .

August 24, 2010

Outing ♥

然后就去 TS, Neway找下apple的弟弟...


就在BBQ Plaza 吃东西

TiingsTomokoPoh Lin join 我们...
全部看着吃,7 不好意思咯 (>_<)
他们就在哪gossip... 哈哈!

Last 了- 我FB 新status


在这里要祝我的 Dunhill King...
Happy Birthday!

因为没人载呀 (T ^ T)

Evon 来 join我们~
找不到 : |  
然后就飞去Sri Hartamas 特抵shisha~
Watermelon 口味~ 哈哈!

回去Kepong Oldtown 哪~ 

Moe De 楼上的 Club Pub. *不记得它的店名* 

Move move 
shake shake 
drop drop drop drop 

喝醉了~ oops*

Home Sweet Home 

August 19, 2010

I Love Blogging :D

It's August now !
Times past in a blink .

Well , Let's move to my topic
[ I Love Blogging :D ]

Blogging is my little hobby
Anyways it's sometime a little stress release place.
A place to write up all your feelings ; all your unspoken words.
A place to write out all your sweet moment .
Sometimes when I scroll down and read back about my past , I laughed* for my silliness x:
It show me back my memory that passed through.
It reminds me not to repeat the same mistakes that I do. 
And It also encourage me to do more better than last time.

Therefore , blogging has became a lil part of my life.

Follow me on Twitter.

Rocks :D !

After school get ready everything.
I were like 'superb fast' x:
Tee-hee ! ^^V

Brem mall.
5 of us.
Me , Mayen , yoyo , jia yue , ben
Sing k 

Let the picture do the talking . :|

Kampai ♥

Sweet kiss >.<


After sing k we went for 'pao bing'
Delicious ♥

-Home Sweet Home-

August 18, 2010

BBQ Party .


Mrs. Mk brought us to yam cha.
At first planned to go OldTown.
But its kinda full over there.
Then change our location to DPS.
The Coffee Bean 

Hazelnut latte.
Aww , I love Starbucks more.
A hot Hazelnut Chocolate in Genting.
WOW ! How great x: 


Happy Birthday to CKY.
You're still so thin and short .__.


I sat there for half an hour and all I get is this !
So hard to cook man !

Big Family. 

All didi's' is running here and there.

Some reasons why i hate BBQ.

Need to wait so damn long for the food to cooked.
Make my lovely hair stinks with all the smoke smells and also oily !
Anti-Contact lens and Make ups place.
Many flies around !
and so on....

August 17, 2010

Once , my friend.

We don't talk anymore, and you know what the saddest part is? We used to talk everyday. I actually don't wanna write or talk anything about this anymore. Just to say ; Thanks for being my friend , once.

I release all my anger , and I'm done!
I'm letting go of it (:

August 16, 2010

The Facts .

Aim Low, Reach Your Goals, Avoid Disappointment.

This is so true .
You can say this is for LOSERS.
But being a losers is better than feeling disappointed when can't reach goals 
: |

Agreeing with people so they'll shut up.

I think this is real .
Agreeing with one's talk or whatever , so they'll stop this conversation.
Sometimes , is better to agree with whatever from getting troubled .

 I hate the awkward silence when I try to tell a funny story and no one laughs.

This sucks the most .
When I trying to tell some jokes , they just don't seem like understanding or have no respond to it.
Urgh , and I were like 'ntg' .

If I could remember school work like I remember lyrics I'd be like a genius .

I love singing !
I'll spend my time remember all those lyrics .
If I only could do the same thing to my school works , WOW ! I would be awesome. 

Friendship isn't about whom you've know the longest. It's about who came, and never left your side.

 I don't wanna say what happened anymore.
Something just happened for a reason. Anyways , It's over .
So... is better to leave it behind. 
Thanks for all that staying by my side.
-Appreciated- ily you guys

Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don't even deserve to be an issue in your life :)

So live life with your way !
Ignore people who don't deserve to be an issue in your life.
As long that we're happy , that's enough !
Sometimes , things must see by a positive way.
Yes ! I've learned that.
(: Tee-Hee

That's My FACTS.
What's yours ?  

August 15, 2010

My Top Hitter. ♥

Thanks for visiting.
( 1 July - 31 July )

Top ONE !♔
Amazing blog with all her sweet moments with her hubby.
Superb VIP !

Top Two.
Interesting blog with her cute personality and funny stuffs.

Top Three.
Nice blog with her crazy school life and friends. 

Thanks for VIEWING !
Follow my blog peeps.

xoxo !






我和 Mr.Noob 一起的第100



August 14, 2010

Omfg. Coward ! (:

Follow my twitter , buddy (:

Some cowards is messing in my Cbox.
  Coward people always do things cowardly.

Immature brainless peeple. 
You know who I'm pointing to.

Straight Foward.

Although you backstab me but I'm not as low as you. If I beh song you I show it forward. I need not to backstab, this attitude for COWARD like you.

 I'm straight forward person and I don't act. I beh song you and I don't act like what you did. Backstabbing and show your so called "angel" face in front me.

Wow! I use my popularity to get sympathize from people? You use your face right? Your acting is the best. I can't believe I've been trusting you for years.

Please , don't use translated English. It's so obvious and the way you use it wrongly.

You got nothing to do with me anymore.

August 12, 2010

< Get cleared > Kiss My Ass sucka !

I don't know why people won't grow up. Childish with all your nonsense. Backstabbing and gossiping is the best that you can do? Woah ! I actually trusted you before and after knowing the real you , I'm fucking disappointed. Why just can't say out if anyone is in the wrong ? Why must you always backstabbing and ruin our friendship?

Maybe this is true.
Friendship isn't about whom you've know the longest. It's about who came, and never left your side.

I never wanted to trust long friendship anymore. YOU is the most troubled person. Been ruin our friendship again and again.

You are not my friend now. Not anymore.
I don't care if you don't like me...I wasn't put on this Earth to please you.
Don't somehow talk bad in front them anymore. You won't know what I'll do next.
I appreciate them and don't wanna lost them. You get lost please !

If you're talking behind my back, you're in a good position to kiss my ass!



August 11, 2010

Friendship ?

It's kinda funny when I flash back all our memories. I started to miss it much. We always used to chat in class , make noise , crazy and share out our lil' secrets.

I wish there were a "UNDO" button in life.

It's sad when knowing you keep on backstabbing me. I know you for about 6 years. You're the one that I trust the most. Since you have your another part of you life , we started to be less hang out.
This year , four of us were put in different classes. This make our friendship more rotten. But both of us still get in the same class. I felt maximum disappointment when I found out that you keep on backstabbing me. Your jealousy is too strong. I felt another heart breaking after knowing that you two been acting in front of me. Talking bad when I face the front , smile like normal when I face back.

I treat you all with my fully heart.
You all treat me like a dumb ass.
Backstabbing and gossip ain't fun. It's hurt. (:

We were best friends for years , and then it slowly became unravel.
Words that we can't take back. Actions that left scars no one can see.
A friendship completely destroyed .

Time has passed. We are different people.
Circumstance have brought us back together.
I ache now for that old friendship.
I want it back badly.

I just wish I know how to trust you again.