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September 30, 2009

Time to Shit !

Chopped my hair ? urghhh*

Once again...
I can't wait for PMR to over.. so frustrating right now.
To all my beloved friends ; Do your best in PMR.
like Mr.Calvin said ; is time to shit since we've been eating for 3 years.
means : is time to put all your effort since we've been studying for 3 years.
Nice example he made. He's such a dirty king . muaahahaaa :D

Everyone were like asking me ' why  you change your blog link ? '
Actually I don't really felt like changing the blog link but I have no choice.
This is started when my someone first veiw my blog and tell everything to my parents.
Darn* like what mojo said ' kepo betul '.

nothing much..

September 29, 2009


Nice design. I love it.
I get it from my dad.
I was kinda shock after seeing that.
So cool. xD

Capture by me (: hees*

Brought to you by m.iko .

September 27, 2009

Changed ?

Miko in short  ?
Urm... How is it ? (-@-)"

So freaking frustrated recently.
Goodbye Holiday and once again hello school .__."
PMR is in the corner ; Not in the mood to take the test. shit*
No choice. Study!
Wish me luck guys.





September 25, 2009



Dear ...  他不值得你这样为他付出

那个女的打来找他 , 他叫我听
他叫我和她说 ,
别再打来了.. 你的丑脾气我真的顶不顺 。你去找别的男生啦。
哇,我老爸Superman ... 真狠心啊 。
我早就和他说了 ,小心这个女生 。
中国女骗钱的 !他却不信.. 还说她怎样爱他... 
现在,dai sei 啊 !
其实我很气我老爸的 ... 不过算啦。
哼哼... ...

Love   problem.

Please mind your own business.

Is that any of your fucking business here ?
My personal life ; my lifestyle ;- Hello ? This is none of your business.
Yeah yeah.. I know you are greater than me or bigger.
but can you just get your ass off of my blog ?
Whatever i write is my fucking own business. I like it so what ?
Backstabbing me ain't a cool. If dare please talk in front of me. Face to face.
You're nothing different from the auntys in pasar .
Why don't you find a girl and mind your own fucking business.
I mean , hey you're going to be 23 next year. go and find your partner. malat lou .
We go whatever place ain't your business.
Don't act like you always greater or clever than anyone.

Just don't fucking bother my life .
Please get off .

September 24, 2009

Thanks ! :D

Friends reached 1000 in two days. Yeah (:

Thanks for everyone that support .
If anyone that failed adding my 5th acc. VIP ♥ Try on New. 7th acc .

Home swet home ; day .
A boring day again ...
Planning to go sing k... Who wanna join ? hehes. *
Still enjoying my holiday... No mood to study now.
Gonna do it in last minute. x:

Oh my ,
I bought a present for you. You gonna love it (:
and ... Happy belated birthday to you . Sorry for late wish.

For your information. To xxx
Hello ? D-o  y-o-u  u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d  e-n-g-l-i-s-h ?
You're so damn fucking annoying man !
I can't stand you languages and Please Mind Your Words !
urghhh... Pissed me off .

Nothing more to write.
tatas ~

September 23, 2009

Night Genting.

9.30p.m something up genting.
Freaking bored in house ; so me and iko went genting to have supper.
Night in genting ; Nice night scene , cooling wind. xD
They still say not very cool in genting... but once we step down from the car.
They'd freeze . Laughs* but for me... just fine... (:

Planned to go sing k but its RM 48++ Golden hour * so exp. x.x" 
Then we planned to watch movie...
The only movie in cinema . " Tsunami " 1.30a.m
Dots.. x.x"
So we walk around and find somewhere to slack.

Let the picture do the talking xD

Long cooling street ... wowowo ~

The only warm place ; Toilet x:

Our Supper. Everything is expensive than the normal price o:

weees~~~ Nice scene ...
 show off new heels  x: yeah !


Funny things .
When we're sitting at somewhere in genting.
Suddenly a group of teenagers stopped by... they wanna come forward but don't dare.
Then finally , a boy ; one of them ... came and asked if we could take picture with him
ahem ... I were like "... ? " don't know what to say. We rejected.
His request is too over . . h0h0s.

Uncle group.
Omg... This really pissed me off .
Ehhs.. they keep on bugging at us. Oh shyt...
Me and iko were like " Hello old ass ? Get off please ? "
They're so ... ? @#$%^&*(  * Well i guess you all don't wanna see that word.
How i wish they could look in the mirror and see their freaking face.
Shyt ! ...

3.00++ a.m something almost 4
Finally reached home...
So damn tired.

cia0 `

September 22, 2009

Oops* I did it again x:

Like a song from timbaland

" Its too late to apologize. "
Sorry cant mean it all. Not every sorry will get back never mind in return .
But... its ok ((: I'm nothing. I din't even believe in you before.
I don't know what's believe ; all I know was just believe = lie

- To be continue ...

Oops* I did it again x: 
I forget today was tuesday .
ffk again. p/s
h0h0s. sorry x: pull ears* ):

Din't go anywhere today.
Stay in house with ; online, eat , sleep , watch tv .
h0h0s. not bad. relax one day (:

New acc.

 6th acc fulled. [:


Trust no more.

I guess its all over again.
Din't feel anything. Guys words contain both rubbish and lies.
Never trust it.
Please get off from my life ! =)   
anyways thanks babe for caring , you are the best of the best .

- To be continue ...

Today went timesquare ; shopping.
wow , so long din't shop man.

Strange Thing happened today . o:
We're inside the car heading to ts .  
We saw a naked guy walking on the street . wow .
Iko saw it first and she call me to see.
My reaction were like Omgosh. Wth . Wtf . Shyt . Bin tai . !@#$%&^*()_   etc .
Really got this kind of " ... " erm i duno what to say. *speechless
When we get down from the car . wow ' we all ' are talking about that .

Skip - ewwwww.

hees* i saw the horse.
ahemmm ~ my parents there. x: ps

Never walk to *lazy .
We bought many things. but reached home felt is just so little x.x"
Not enough sy0k today . huhus.
Next time go again x:

Happy birthday Ling ling and ah sok.

dai kor said its like cockroach wing .
wow. urm... eww ?

Then after that ,
we clean bird nest and separate it .
My neck x.x" ouch*

alot more to do. x.x"

the bird fur .

I only clean this much . ): 

The end.

September 21, 2009

Holiday !

Love is blind ; Hate is deaf.

I fall for you once again after receiving all those messages.
I can't see the future... I don't know what will happen next.
My heart is so disguise. What should I do ?

- To be continue ...

Holiday. Hooray . Time to have some fun
Planned to go ; clear the malls.
But at last we din't make it -.-"
My aunt - kai ma ; just back from singapore.
She brought us to Jusco

Bill ; So damn freaking long.
Crazy @.@"

After that we went to Ladies Department .
For sure bought ladies stuff. durhs*
Then we saw tut guy . whoopsy* Iko is freaking run out of her mind.
The tut guy walk a round looking for my iko. h0h0s.
Scaryy. But maybe he too love iko. h0h0s. laughs*
At night yam cha ; with dao gei. shyt !
Me n iko : ' malu betul ' x.x"
Uncle lemon ate 3 plates of Roti Canai.
Shyt Roti Canai Freak ! @.@

Me and iko Roti Telur Cheese. * So special
x.x" But taste weird ; sweet ! errrr ...

Suddenly I saw a cat under the table.
Omgosh ! Scare my ass out man !
Luckily I din't shout ! only bad words. x:

The dao geis always kacau this mamak guy. x.x"
Shyt ! hell funny.

Go home.
Sleepover in Iko's house ; Do mask together. hees*
Funny little day x.x"

Ok , A corner for my little hand
Disguting things about to expose. x:

Super teruk dy . Skin peel off ! x:
xiia0 yii only words : Disgusting ! h0h0s.
Mr.Calvin-english teacher ; keep on call me to take off the plaster.
He said let it breath then will recover faster .
But its fucking hell pain ! god damnit . x.x

xiia0 yii said that thing look like this choco.
Omgosh... x.x" my lovely choki choki...
she just destroy it ! .__."

Let's skip the disguting part . h0h0s xD

Honey bees.
Never trust a man when he's in love, drunk, or running for office.
You're not alone.
We'll always by your side whenever you need us
Cheer up.(:
As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot.
We're always greater. No worries he'll regret one day.

I find that you really love to copy and paste.
Wth is in your fucking brain huhs ?
Contain nothing accept rubbish ? Can't you just think your own fucking things.
Shyt ! You've been copying since last year. Irritating man .
Shall change your name to CopyWriterMachine. It suits you . -.-"

Shopping at 1u.
After that have a supper at Sushi Zanmai

There're alot more foods.. Lazy to take.
Greeen Tea Ice Cream but singapore one much more nicer.

Giant Ice Cream dessert . Yummy*


Bill x.x"

September 18, 2009

Brieftly .

My heart got u.
Let's get started ! 

15/09/09 - Tuesday.
Lying on my bed ; smsing and wanna close eyes ady.
Suddenly hear a loud voice calling me " Ah Li , Phone aa ! "
That's was my dad , he spammed. Waliao, so fan !
Then i jump up and answer my phone
My girlfriend x.x" iko asked me to sleepover.
So open door and went to her house.
We ordered MCD ! yeahh.

Double cheese burger ! Yummy. ((:
3.00a.m iko sleep like a pig dy .
I'm still hearing phone and poking my phone till 5.00a.m

16/09/09 - Wednesday .
Din't go school. Lazy x:
One teacher retirement day.
h0h0s. None of our business x: p/s
Skip -
17/09/09 - Thursday .
Itssss school holidayy ((: wees . cheer !
Happy durhs*
Sleepover in girlfriend house again xD
Err shyt. we're so bored in house.
Disturb ppl ! -->
hehes. see damn nice

 So long din't play.
Everything expired. Bogel x:
sexy lady sexy man ! h0h0s.

Sing freak xD

This for now.
will tell u all more when i get back my phone )):

Wait for my new post !
tatas people.

 Saturday's going clear shopping mall !
I miss you too babe  (:


September 16, 2009

Forget the past .

I've grown up !
Don't  look back. - I hope you can think like me too. 
The little droplets roll the roof,
Sunken is my weak feeling,
Soaked in the sadness that does not move,
What if the rain wets the recovery of a beginning?
Will this unpredictably miraculous beginning ever return?
Will the star ever be shining again?
Will there be hope for me and you tomorrow?

That's doesn't important anymore.
Important is ;- You have to live happily in every single day.
Forget the past and look for your future . ((:

Goodbye my lover
Hello my friend (:

September 14, 2009

Time to say GoodBye.

Sorry guys . for din't update these days.
Quite lazy recently. and don't have topic to post.

Well , let's start with " leaving the past behind" .
Time to say Goodbye ! You've bother my life for so long, so now set me free.
I'm leaving the past now. Won't look back. No more regrets.
Maybe you can say that I've grown up. (: Yeah !
Getting screwed up that time. Keep on thinking and thinking.
Maybe she's right , I'm gonna go tanjung rambutan if I can't stop that x:
anyways , Thanks to all my babes that surport me when I'm so down down xD
I hearts you all babeh ! always do ~

Last night din't sleep. Panda eyes boom out. ):
Damn freaking pissed !
Went down watch movie whole night.
While smoking , suddenly a flying cockroach fly towards me.
Walao eh , actually I don't afraid of  cockroach but suddenly fly towards me.
Damn burned my hand. At last only realise that.
Pain like hell man ! ouch*

Disgusting x: ewwws*
My beautiful hand )):

Skip :-

Let's go to school.
As usual 4 of us. Gang of Talkative in the class.
I remembered one of our conversation today.
Coco said that she's so bored with him;- her boy.
Then aiko said angrily : You everyday call your mother , mama you bored or not ?
hahas * we laugh till crazy.
Got some more but i forgot =/

Mi mi ko ko
is still hot now ! they're still singing the same song now.
mi mi ko ko . grrrrr. Some goes with mi mi ko ko ' pants '
Why the hell ! Original song " ma mi po ko pants " .
.__. " very special thanks for the one who created that ! _l_

gtg .
ciao `

. New updates
Coming Soon (:

September 11, 2009

Thank you.

Someone ring the bell
to remind me
to stop carrying the sand
that has turn pebble
and hurt me
For good days never be forgotten
but it need to be let go
as it slow down my pace
and she is right
Time to let it go
am I?
time to send u off . . .


In class.

We're chatting about our personal song.
They said. Rihana - Cry suits me.

Vinz add on.
he said , " Guys is everywhere. There are bad and good. I belive you can find someone that suits you in future."

Aiko said.
" I haven't found true love yet. Probably I haven't love someone deeply yet "
In that situation. Everyone agree what she said .
Walao ! Really ? I don't know.

Tracy said.
" If i saw the guy I will slap him for you babeh "
awws, she seems more angry than me when i tell her the truth .
hehes* muackss.

Today iimo sent a message to me.
Its kinda frighten me on that second. Stunned awile.
.__." Then at last I know that she's joking.

awws. Hate her )): Made me so scared.


Well this kinda funny probably to you all.
I told vinz that someone made me a song.
" Mi mi ko ko pants " taken from " Ma mi po ko pants "
You all know what's that ?
It's one pampers product !
Then he started to sing it whole day long... and well.
He told quite of them and now wen, loupo man , ricky , aiko , kiko , coco
started to make fun of it. ewwws ~ )):

Stop for now ((:


Friendster horoscope. Not bad quite accurate sometimes.

My horoscope ; taurus .

The Bottom Line

Tell them how you feel. Today is the day to take a risk. Don't be shy.

In Detail

Someone you love is thinking of you, because there's no one else who can soothe and comfort them quite like you. In fact, your knack for calming even the most troubled waters is famous among your dear ones. And don't even try to act like you don't enjoy the position. What could possible make you feel better about yourself than making someone else feel better about their own situation? It's a powerful gift.

September 10, 2009


对不起,我曾试着说服自己原谅你对我欺骗,但是每当我看到你跟他的聊天记录,我就难以抉择,我付出那么多,把我所有的感情都用上啦!你却欺骗了我!叫我怎 么原谅你!怎么相信你!你说那都是假的!可为什么当时不考虑我的感受!我会记住永远记在心里!一辈子!记得你欺骗了我!真的太在乎,可你为什么会这么做! 为什么!为什么!

September 9, 2009

Life's complicated.

 I'm so called emo these few days .
Crying alone in room ; my hobby now.
Suck hobby.
I guess I needa get addicted in something to stop thinking my past.
I hate memories ! It Sucks !
I choosed dunhill.
I know its kinda stupid since I've stopped it half a year and now I started to smoke back.
Mr dunhill !
Heartly paw
Yesterday night , watch movie and text with some buddies.
I cried over the movie, but actually not very because of that movie.
I'm just crying my feeling out probably.
Cried like dead father =.="
Not i said , Vinz did !
Eyes like fishball x: hehes*
My dad.
He break up ? These day so early back home.
Stay in house and din't go out.
Well , Actually I'm kinda happy .
He break . I'm feeling good !
That woman such a biacth .
My dad such a stupid man !
Between me and my so called bro.
His friend called and told me stories.
So after hang up I asked him questions.
He started to shout at me.
I'm not in the mood these few days. Then we started to fight.
The house was like disco. Probably worst than that.
Worst than earthquakes.
He shout at me like I'm his smaller sister.
Wth ?! If he's not my bro i wouldn't say or care anything.
He pissed me off and I slapped him.
The 1st time ever I slapped someone. 
I'm freaking pissed.
From now onwards , his stuff is none of my bussiness.
Let him die let him be. I wouldn't care !
Fuck it
Life's freaking complicated ?
Set me free please .
All I need was just freedom , as simple as that.