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December 7, 2011

Transfom !

Christmas ☃ 
I guess its lil' too early for me to have Christmas dream now.

Hey there peepo :D !
As you guys know I've been a lazy blogger recently but I'll try to chase back to trend. By the way, just to let you guys know I changed my hair style. I permed it. Kinda hard to take care but I did something new something fresh. But I kinda sad when the hairstylist chop off my long hair. I were like OMFG ! Damn sad you know :'(

I never sit for hours in a saloon before. damn ! My ass damn freaking pain that day. 
Will update my latest hair soon. STAY TUNED !
 Bye my long long hair. Mama miss you so much

Shopping Shopping !

Hello Kitty Watch ♥

My Guess purse ♥

My movie list.

 Twilight Breaking Dawn.
Of course I can't miss it. Big fans of it ! Watched every single episode. Can't wait for Part 2.

Arthur Christmas.
A good movie for Chirtmas. 

Justin Bieber Song is the Opening. 
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 
Nice song.

Wish List.

This advertisement freaking suit me. 

I exactly use from iPhone3gs - iPhone4 and now I wanna change iPhone4S
Argh! I'm such a big supporter to apple -.-"

 Sony Tx10 
My dream camera ♥

 or Canon , acceptable. 

and LV , GUCCI , BURBERRY , etc etc BAG!

I wish I manage to buy all these before Christmas. 

Take a break , have a cigarette.