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April 21, 2011

My life ...

My life changed. I guess so. Work sleep and work. Nothing special anymore and nothing important. Busying earn money and live my own life ! I believe I can do it. Me and him were only past tense and things won't change. If there were 100 times over again , I guess we'll just end up like this.

" 如果能重来却不能保证爱的成功或失败 ; 要重来多少次後才会明白... "

I'm getting over with my new life now. I found out quite amazing the world outside there. There're so much more for me to discover . I'm still young to be in a relationship.

Went shopping @ 1u with Yoyo and Kenny. I wanted to buy heels !

For all that I see. I bought this one. Because its comfortable . :D Its about 3/4 inches. I got no choice because its my work. I need those heels.

Then I bought this . I'm so regret for not making a survey first. Cause I saw better one at Vior :( Awww ~

Hello , this is the recent me. You guys can find me at Club 7 @ Sri Hartamas. :D !

Red eyes :( I can't even open my eyes. Didn't sleep for whole day and gotta rush to work. Aww ~ What a life !

Sorry . Picture quality not very good ! For your information , my iPhone lost while I working at Club 7 . Sad and I did cry for it. D: Its ok , I gonna get a new phone soon either is BB or Apple .  

For all those who just broke up or stuck in 'love' condition. Don't be sad. Everything will be fine. No matter how , you guys have to live you life. Be strong !

"不管晴天 或是雨天 天天都是好天"


April 11, 2011

Club 7

Hey guys. So long never update my 'dead' blog ad. Sorry quite busy recently. Well , everyone seems like asking this question. Erm , I work at club 7 ! Gotta show u guys some nice costumes. We're having event every saturday ! You guys gotta come and visit ! :D

I work every mon - sat ! Located at Sri Hartamas @ Club 7 ! Come'on and join the fun !