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June 29, 2011

Yeah , I'm just tired.

Faking a smile.

I might have erased your texts
But I will never forget what you wrote .
I might have unfriended you ,
But I will never forget your pictures .
We might have stopped talking ,
But I will never forget your voice .
We might have ignored each other ,
But I will never forget your face .
We might have stopped hugging ,
But I will never forget how you smell .

People around used to ask me .

"Are you ok?"
"Yeah... I'm  just tired"

T orn apart
 I nsecure
R eally faking my smile
E xtreamly sad
D rownin in my tears
.....yea just tired.


June 27, 2011

♡ I deserve more or stay ?

I'm sitting with my cell phone staring at a text message I wrote to my ex hours ago. I debate whether to send it or not. I stare at my phone while my mind tells me to have more respect for myself. I logically understand that sending the message is not going to make the situation any better – nor will it heal my pain. Then my heart enters the scene and overpowers my mind. My heart says, “Go ahead, send it, I will feel better…temporarily at least.

My mind says, “I deserve more – this relationship is not right.
My heart says, “Stay, it will work out.

On the outside, I'm trying, cause inside, I'm dying. 

♪ ♫ ♩ ♬
You're the only one I wish I could forget
The only one I love to not forgive
And though you break my heart
You're the only one

And though there are times when I hate you
'Cause I can't erase
The times that you hurt me
And put tears on my face
And even now while I hate you
It pains me to say
I know I'll be there
At the end of the day

I don't wanna be without my baby
I don't want a broken heart

Beyonce - Broken Hearted Girl

Chinese Costume Party.

Last Saturday   ♥ Sexy Chinese Costume Party.
I look like not enough money to make a cheongsam. LOL!

After work mcd with Yoanne Bii and her boyf.

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday , went piercing with Yoanne

I pierced inside that one. Piece one more time cause last time I forget to put in earing so that hole gone ad. -.-  

 Our DKNY 

June 23, 2011

Shoping Time ♥

I'll find myself when I go for shopping Shopping makes my day.

Wake up early in the morning and go breakfast with grandma. Wait for babe kiko , yao ,vicky then head to 1u. Have a brunch at Wong kok char chan teng , then only start our shopping time. :)

I bought eyebrow liner from ZA and Lip gloss from Marjolica Majorca. Lip gloss is ♥

My main thing is to buy purse and hand bag . I felt like buying heels again. OMG. I'm such a heel maniac. but then I block myself from buying it . D: Too much of heels. awww.

I bought Vincci hand bag. New arrival.

And purse from Guess.

 Love it .

 I cant make it to buy perfume because I have no much time. awww. Next time go for perfume. hmmm. ><

cya. gotta go sleep.

June 20, 2011

Us ♥

Four of us Me ; Antrio ; Yoanne ; John went to sing k again at neway.

Me and Yoanne bii 'zao dut' inside there x: !

 I raped her *muahaha.

Transfer power-ing.
Hyperb 'zao dut'.

This were the crazy us ! HAHA. Song of the day - Zombie :D

I checked in ' Sai Meng '. She know who I'm pointing to x: Since she always sai meng then our turn to sai back xD ! ROFL. ( sai meng - cantonese )


' Sai Meng ' TIME ! 


Four of us were smoker.

 So the room situation would be like this ....

 Unable to breath. x.x

credits by micol

June 19, 2011

My one and only ♥

There was a time in my life when I thought of nothing that didn't fully influence or effect me personally. Now, that time is gone. I think of you. How are you? Are you safe? Are you warm enough? Do you love me in return? Do you see how precious you are to the people around you? When I touch you, can you feel how much I cherish having you in my life and by my side? There was a time in my life when I thought of no one and nothing but myself - but then you walked through the door, and all of the sudden the world around me appeared.

You know I love you. My life would be so chaotic without you. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish half the things I need to without you by my side. Thank you for being my love.

If someone would ask me what a beautiful life means, I would lean my head on your shoulder and hold you close to me and answer with a smile: "Like this!"

I appreciate what you did to me , Yes I did.
ily my babyy boy.

Tonight going sing k again with my babyy , yoanne n' her bf .
Stay tuned for more pictures ! 

June 14, 2011

My beloved ♥

" 不要承诺,不要誓言,只要用一杯茶的温度,品茗一生的幸福。"

Get ready bloggers , its a long long post. I choose to write it all in a post. :x Sorry for my laziness and all my post have no dates cause I've forgotten. Tee-hee.

Over night at Yoanne bii's house for a week. Enjoy to the max with her. Her mom went back to ipoh and we sneak her car out x: Syok gilerrr. Our insomnia gone from bad to worst so we didn't sleep for a day. Wanna play masak masak suddenly then both of us went to pasar pagi. Everyone's eyes were looking at us and I asked her , " eh , got something in my face or what ? " Is it so weird for teens to buy vegetables ? LOL. but at last we choose to eat outside x:

La Zurich Swiss Cusine.
The name sounds great so we choose this new restaurant at Menjalara. Food there still acceptable.

The environment there quite good too. Look like we book that place huh. Maybe we came too early -.-"

Our epic hungry face :D

Then we head to Club 7. work work -.-"After work we went for a supper at MacDonald. I'm Lovin' it !

The next day..

 I just love my blue contact lens. xD

 We went for crabs this time. Again , menjalara. No choice we can't go far because have not much time to spend. Work at 7pm. DANG !  -.-

Feels satisfied. This is a really finger lickin' good meal. This let me think of Mr.Crabs from the movie Spongebob Squarepants. Maybe I'm eating one of his siblings x: HAHA 

After work, we went to Genting with Shawn , Kingsley and Darren. 3 retards. HAHA.

Stupid shawn lose for his bets.

 ... and Darren . That's Yoanne's jacket x:

Superb epic moment. " sussss ! rexx ! " HAHAHA laugh till stomachache.

The next day.

 Went Umami yam cha with babes ; Tiings , Jacqueen. Aww Long time no see 'em. Miss 'em much !

 Then night went Joey's home and join Kiko them. Swim at midnight. epic -.-"

Left bras and undie -.- DENG ! Then we head back to KFC ; our nest.

Me : -laughs-
Yoanne : Laugh what ?
Me : You wear flower shorts go out yam cha ? HAHAHA
Yoanne : OMG. * then she stun a while and think whether to go in KFC or not . x:

She can't face 'em with her flower shorts. LOL. Then we went to ninja for tea. Jacqueen , Yoyo and Evon came and join us. At last they came too. HAHA !

My tiny bear. I used to bring it out x: But all of 'em used to torture it :( ! SAD

The next day.

 Went QQ dinner with Yoanne and her mom. I didn't go back for dinner because of certain reason but I gave a call to my grandpa to wish him Happy Father's Day. Feel like crying at that moment D:

I really feel like joining the dinner :( Sorry grandpa for making you sad. Don't cry. I love you always.

Then we went for a movie, Kungfu Panda 2. I wanted to watch so long ad. Then babyy brought me to watch after his work. Yoanne and Kiko were there too. 

I love his tummy very much x: ! HAHA

I learned from that movie ! Superb nice movie

The next day.

Nothing special . Just wanna post the photos x:

The next day.

Sg.Wang with  babyy. Yoanne and her bf , John  reached . Sorry for keep you guys waiting x: 

Super hungry ! Our breakfast and lunch . Me and Yoanne can't finish our food. Our boy.f were so pity. Help us finish all unfinished food x:

 New suit for my Mr.Apple  Babyy control me from spending too much money ! Awww , so bo syok !

The next day.

 Just wake up . Blur face ! psps

Lingerie party. Not much picture that day. Cause I don't very like that costume . :|

Supper at Aman Puri's Mcd. Babyy lost RM100 for the car blocking just now. Stupid babi -.-" Then bring Kiko to 24 hours clinic. Another RM100++ . Then Hotel another RM100. -.-" DENG !

 Money come back to mama D:
btw. that hotel sucks !


Insomnia 99 ! So no choice. TV. No astro. =.=" Watch stupid show.

 Ultraman ! OMG.

Then night we went and eat yong tau fu ! While waiting for the foods.....

 I made this x: . I miss Ah Po (KungFu Panda) D:

Superb full. Midnight suddenly feel like singing k. Then four of us Me ,  Antrio , Yoanne and John head to OneU - Neway.

Four of us zao dut 99 ! Adui ~

 My 'chan' face. w/o make up.

4a.m back home. Tiring but enjoy to the max

Thanks for everything babyy. I love you.

" 很想说有你是幸福的;很想说我的心是你的 "

Stay Tuned for more about four of us.